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The design of Ashes of Creation adheres to five main pillars.[1]

  1. Engaging and immersive story
  2. Reactive world
  3. Player interaction
  4. Player agency
  5. Risk vs reward

In designing Ashes of Creation, we adhere every detail to five main pillars: Engaging and Immersive Story, a Reactive World, Player Interaction, Player Agency, and Risk vs Reward. Even in the environment, everything you as the player do will tie into these pillars, while everything your guild does, everything your server does will ultimately keep the world fresh, ever-changing, and most importantly... exciting.[1]


There were originally four design pillars: Economy, Nodes, Meaningful conflict and Narrative.[2]


Ashes of Creation has taken inspiration from various other MMORPG titles.[3]

In terms of what came before, we're trying to figure out who did what best and take inspiration from that: Move the genre forward; keep things updated and bring it into the 21st century.[3]Jeffrey Bard

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