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Achievements will be across multiple servers, not just for guilds or groups.[1]

It kind of redefines what the players will experience in an MMORPG to come into a wilderness that is devoid of really any structure outside of what the community creates themselves; and then what can be created can be changed, if they want to experience a storyline that's been seen on another server, but you know you're fighting a dragon because you're near a mountain and the other server's fighting a Kraken because they're near the coast and you want to fight that Kraken because of its drop table. If you want to meta it or because you just want that under your belt: to be the server first to take out that Kraken and you have yet to develop the node there, you know it's incumbent upon you to manifest that in the game.[3]Steven Sharif

There will be a mix of character-based and account-based achievements.[4]


Ashes of Creation gathers tracking data to facilitate achievements, titles and other accolades on a server.[5]

  • Number of successful siege defenses.[5]
  • Number of successful siege assaults.[5]
  • Number of PvP kills.[5]
  • Raid participation points.[5]
  • Number of firsts.[5]

Visibility of those types of things on the server help to promote a competitive atmosphere. If there is an attainable impression that you can work towards, so that others know your success, you have more drive to succeed.[5]Steven Sharif


There will be dungeon and raid leader boards.[6]

Trophy park

Trophy park is an area within Town, City or Metropolis nodes that has available spots for trophies. These trophies show the character names of players who are the first to complete world bosses and dungeon bosses that were spawned as the result of the development of that particular node.[7]

  • Server announcements and achievements are designed to encourage groups to experience new content.[7]

Adaptive content

New points of interest (such as dungeons and world bosses) spawn as nodes develop.[8] This content adapts to the development of the zone it is in.[9]

  • Populations will change.
  • Content difficulty will change.
  • The content may be different altogether, depending on what is developed and how.
  • Different types of antagonists with different story lines.

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