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Leaders of guilds that occupy guild castles are referred to as Kings and Queens.[2]

King or Queen's crown.[4]

Granted to those who own a guild castle, this prestigious Kaelar crown is one of a few that designate royalty in the world of Verra.[4]

Guild leadership tools

The developers are considering a number of leadership tools for guilds:[5][6]

For me personally, being a guild leader of a very large guild in the past, these types of administrative functions are life savers for guild leaders... Guild leaders are a very important part of the community for MMORPGs in general and the reason for that is- think of it like a queen on the board- "I bring order to chaos". To a degree, guild leaders are that order to the chaos. They help organize- they do so through lieutenants- they delegate responsibilities. There are good leaders, there are bad leaders, but essentially it's a highly social environment and if you can find a good guild and that guild is augmented with complimentary services from the company, from the game itself, it just makes that life easier and allows them to execute better. So in my opinion that is an important aspect.[7]Steven Sharif

Guild castles

Guild castle Alpha-1 early preview.[11]

With five Castles in the world, and each having been owned by different civilizations from the far-flung past of Verra, you can expect that each Castle has its own character. Different terrains and different layouts will result in each Castle having its own advantages and disadvantages. Just because you have managed to take one Castle will not mean that your strategies will pan out in the next. Commanders will have to take into consideration the lay of the land, time of day, weather, and even seasons into account when forming their battle plans.[12]

Sword 01 - with logos.png

Five guild castles exist in Ashes of Creation.[12][13]

  • Castles will initially be occupied by an NPC adversary. These are the primary antagonists in the storyline.[20]
    These Castles are occupied when players arrive on Verra, and their current inhabitants will have to be removed before any player can claim them. Castles will be dangerous and high-level raid zones until they can be cleared, and the first group of players to do so will gain the Castle as their reward.[12]
    • Guilds have a period of time to level up in order to siege these castles.[20]
    • The attacking guilds need to fight the NPCs and kill a raid boss at the center of the castle.[21][20]
    • There will not be a relic to capture, instead whichever guild had highest contributing DPS against the raid boss will capture the castle.[21]
    • Castle nodes around NPC run castles will not be present.[20]

Benefits of guild castles

Guild castle concept art.[12]

It's a reciprocal relationship between the castle and its nodes essentially. There are benefits granted to citizens of the castle; and the longer that the castle remains in the hands of its incumbent guild, the stronger the benefits become overall. But at the same time that represents a greater incentive to attack the castle because the rewards will get greater over time also.[11]Steven Sharif

Guild castles provide benefits and trophies for guilds that capture and control them.[11][22]

  • These benefits increase the longer a guild holds its castle.[11]

There are levers and dials that are present to both the owners of Castles as well as the elected officials of Nodes that during their administration they have the ability to impact and influence the region around them.[23]Steven Sharif

Guild castles exert a King or Queen's presence over nodes within their region.[11][23][24]

Royal mounts

Royal mounts are a tier 3[26] class of flying mounts available to Mayors of metropolis nodes and Kings and Queens of Guild castles. Royal mounts can also be dropped from legendary world bosses.[27][28]

Generally flying is not something that we're going to be doing in this game and there's a lot of reasons for that: Some of it is economic, some of it is ... you create this really great looking world and we don't want you flying over all the time.[2]Jeffrey Bard

At any given point in time you're gonna see anywhere from 10 to maybe at max I would say around 20 based off of the legendary world boss timers. Probably 20 people who have flying abilities.[30]Steven Sharif

There are different types of royal mounts.[28]

Dragons are a class of these royal mounts. You can get different types of royal mounts. They don't have to be dragons. They could be some other type of legendary mythical creature... It will be an epic looking large-scale creature and people will notice you and it while you are approaching.[28]Steven Sharif


The guild leader of a castle can grant the use of flying undermounts (such as wyrmlings) to guild officers during a castle siege.[36][37][38][39]

  • These may only be granted if the castle nodes are successfully established prior to the siege.[39]
    • Node A grants 1 undermount, Node B grants 2 undermounts, and Node C grants 2 undermounts.[40]
  • This system is subject to change during testing.[40]

Little wyrmlings that you can grant to officers if you're a castle owner, and they can fly around too.[37]Steven Sharif


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