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Gatherable mushrooms found in an underground cave.[1]

Gatherable resources (raw materials) occur in locations where you would expect them to be organically.[2]

  • Resources exist as a cluster and last until the full resource is depleted.[2]
  • Once a resource is depleted from one location it may respawn somewhere else.[2]
  • Some resources may respawn on a cooldown basis.[2]
  • Resources won't be locked to the node system.[2]
  • Resources that can be gathered do not highlight as gatherable.[1]
  • Some unique resources may be monsters in disguise or have monsters defending them.[3]

We want our players to have a reason to explore the wilderness, to travel with purpose, and much of that will be driven by our resource system. Transporting these goods might just be more difficult than gathering them. Our regional market system allows players to participate in creating pocket economies that will reinforce the stability of goods in particular regions.[4]

We really want resources to be persistent and non-renewable. If there’s a mithril vein, that mithril vein will be there until it runs out. The server will manage these amounts on its own, and will repopulate things where and when it desires. You might find another mithril vein in that location sometime later, or somewhere nearby, or maybe never again![5]

Resource quality

Resources will have differing levels of quality for the same resource type. This is somewhat similar to Star Wars Galaxies.[6]

You will have an opportunity to proc certain qualities based on your progression in the Artisan tree. So if you are a gatherer; and as you advance in your gathering, you'll have a higher opportunity to collect better resources.[7]Steven Sharif

Resource extractors

Resource extractors are potential constructions that can collect resources over time.[8]

  • Available to node citizens who own a freehold near a "resource center".[8]
  • Requires several people to construct.[8]
  • Moving resources from the extractor will likely require a caravan.[8]

List of resources


Flanggler (Flower angler or Mimic flower).[9][10]

Gathering is one of the artisan classes in Ashes of Creation.[1][11]

  • What can be gathered is discovered by trial and error and learning their visuals.[1]
  • Gathering within a node's Zone of influence (ZOI) will contribute to its experience growth.[1]
  • Certain low level gatherables will have a tiered progression into higher level crafting.[12]

Certain low level gatherables will have a tiered progression into higher level crafting. So for example you know if I'm gathering... leaves of the blue petal flower to craft a pigment that's going to be used in the development of a tunic that I can wear at level one, then I may need to collect those in order to craft the pigments to craft a greater pigment that might be present in the in the crafting of a higher level item. So it's going to be kind of a tiered progression so that materials have relevancy throughout the different levels of of crafting; and that's important from an economic stability standpoint. You need to have layered demand from a supply standpoint so that players who are interested in collecting and gathering those materials still are relevant when the later level items are crafted.[12]Steven Sharif

Gathering professions

Seasonal resources

Seasons affect the crops (resources) available for planting as well as how crop rotation is managed.[15][16]

Underrealm resources

Resources will be different in the Underrealm.[17]

  • This will affect Farming and Animal husbandry professions.
  • Since players may only have one Freehold, they must choose their Artisan specializations accordingly if they wish to place it in the Underrealm.

Resource locations

Verra will not be randomly generated, but the starting resource points may be different on each server.[18]

Players will be able to move resources and set up shop in other areas to take advantage of the varied markets. With resources spawning dynamically, certain regions will naturally become important trading hubs for the transportation of goods throughout the world.[4]


Furnace that can be placed on a freehold.[19]

Processing is one of the artisan classes in Ashes of Creation.[19]


Hunter's Dwelling.png

Materials are obtained in the following ways:

The quality of crafting materials will influence the quality of the crafted item.[22]

High-level materials

Materials for crafting high-level items are obtained from world bosses and through the deconstruction of other high-level items.[21]

Many end level items with crafting will require mats from world bosses etc. we want those systems intertwined. However. There may be opportunities to deconstruct high level items and replace those needed materials as well. We will be testing the crafting trees in alpha and beta.[21]Steven Sharif


Crafting is one of the artisan classes in Ashes of Creation. It is a driving force for the game economy.[24]

Anything that you want to bring into existence in the world is going to be built by players: Whether that is Ships, Siege engines, Weapons, Armor, etc.[25]Jeffrey Bard

There will not be a labor or energy system in Ashes of Creation.[26]

There is no labor or energy system in Ashes. However, that's not to say that crafting will not be difficult. Crafting is very difficult; but it is because it is difficult that it will be very rewarding as well.[26]Steven Sharif


Crafting in Ashes of Creation is recipe based, not RNG based.[27][28]

  • Within a crafting recipe, there are dials (based on artisan specialization) that are used customize crafted items, such as:[29]
    • Increasing one stat at the expense of another.[20]
    • Making an item more magical versus more physical.[20]

I think Star Wars Galaxies had a great crafting system... The resource gathering and the crafting system altogether as a whole really was I think way beyond its time. That's kind of the direction we want to go, where there's choices to be made in the crafting system and those choices change what you end up with... It's not just about doing X recipe to get Y item. You know, there's actually thought involved in it and there is you know a market to be captured based on those decisions.[30]Jeffrey Bard

Crafted items

Crafted items will be on par with best in slot items.[31]

We believe that every item that exists in the world should in some way reflect its creator. As such, there will be extreme versatility in our crafting system – giving crafters the ability to create unique items that represent their strengths and weaknesses.[4]

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