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Mining ore in Alpha-1 early preview.[1]

Mining is a Gathering profession in Ashes of Creation.[2]

  • Mining requires a mining pick.[1][2]
  • Ownership of a mine is not a game mechanic, however players may attempt to monopolise a resource via PvP.[2]
  • Resources will not simply respawn in the same place after some delay. Once depleted, resources will randomly respawn elsewhere in the world.[2]

Artisan tools

Gathering artisan classes require the creation and use of harvesting tools that enable the gathering of resources.[4][5]

  • Progression in the gathering artisan class unlocks higher level harvesting tools that enable gathering of higher level resources.[6]
  • Tools will have durability and tool lifespans.[7]
    • Tools may become non-repairable, requiring re crafting.[7]
  • Artisans will not need to rely on other trees in order to make their tools.[4]

Tools do advance within the artisan tree, so your ability to either gather, process or craft will require the equivalent tools necessary at that stage of crafting in order to accomplish the task at hand. So, you could not mine copper and mithril with the same tool.[5]Steven Sharif

Processing requires blueprints for the construction of buildings that are needed to process resources.[4]

Resource extractors

Resource extractors are potential constructions that can collect resources over time.[2]

  • Available to node citizens who own a freehold near a "resource center".[2]
  • Requires several people to construct.[2]
  • Moving resources from the extractor will likely require a caravan.[2]


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