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Artisan classes do not allow a character to become a master of all.[1] Players must choose a path in the artisan skill tree for each character.[2] Branching into specific paths allows the player an opportunity to specialize in certain areas. This encourages player inter-dependency, enhancing the artisan experience.[3]

Artisan tools

The ability to gather, process or craft requires tools at an appropriate level in order to accomplish the task at hand.[5]

  • Tools will have durability and tool lifespans.[6]
  • Tools may become non-repairable, requiring re crafting.[6]

Tools do advance within the artisan tree, so your ability to either gather, process or craft will require the equivalent tools necessary at that stage of crafting in order to accomplish the task at hand. So, you could not mine copper and mithril with the same tool.[5]Steven Sharif

Artisan supply chain

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Artisans within Ashes of Creation must choose a path in their artisan skill tree. This inter-dependency establishes a supply chain from raw materials to finished product.[7] Each stage of the chain may require caravans to transport goods from one artisan to another.[3]

  1. Obtaining raw materials:[8]
  2. Refining the raw materials with the Processing profession.[7]
  3. Crafting the finished product using its crafting recipe.

As a crafter you're going to want to know where certain recipes can be fulfilled; which nodes have the capability of creating what you've processed material that you've gathered for; and then you're going to want to plan out your route to either transit the goods there or make sure that you're situated in the area so that you can go out collect and build in that area as well. So there's a lot of planning that's going to be necessary.[11]Steven Sharif

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