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Alerynn Fishery.[1]

Fishing is part of the gathering artisan class.[2]

  • There won't be AFK fishing.[2]
  • There may be fishing style tournaments.[3]
  • There may be different types of fishing:[4]
    • Smaller game fishing that does not require much thought.[4]
    • Fishing with expensive lures, which may incorporate a mini-game.[4]

So fishing we have some fun designs that we want to play with and will likely include the community during alphas to play with those designs and and it's possible that we may you know even take into consideration a popularity among the community of which designs they like best. Fishing's very a fun pastime that's become relevant in MMOs over the past several years and I think that we have some interesting ideas to implement with that, that players will get to try out in alpha.[5]Steven Sharif

There is an opportunity for a mini-game to be present in fishing.[4]Steven Sharif

Benefits of fishing

Fish are used to craft:

Other benefits include:

Fishing poles

Players can obtain fishing pole cosmetics through achievement or purchase.[7]

  • Rod.
  • Reel.
  • Bobbers.

Fishing boats

There may be fishing boats in Ashes of Creation.[8]


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