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Alpha-1 testing is scheduled for fall 2020. Everything prior to this date is considered QA testing that Alpha-1 backers are invited to join in stages.[1]

  • Limited Alpha-1 testing began May 28, 2020 with Royalty and above backers. Initially these tests will be conducted during single day sessions, which over the course of several months will evolve into weekend testing periods.[2]
  • The text and voice NDA has been lifted from this testing phase.[3]
  • The NDA will remain in place until the end of fall.[1]
  • Leader of men pack holders will be invited to start testing in August.[4]
  • Over the summer, Alpha-1 testing will expand to include all Braver of worlds backers and above. They will also start off with weekend testing periods.[2]
  • Closer to fall the aim is to invite all Alpha-1 players to participate in week long testing sessions.[2]

Finally, I am happy to announce that limited Alpha One testing will begin in May of 2020 starting with our highest level Alpha One backers from Kickstarter. This testing will include our Phoenix Initiative backers and above at first. As the game client becomes more stable during this limited testing, we will begin to introduce our Braver-of-World and above backers, and eventually our Intrepid pre-order pack holders. Our goal is to have the Alpha One game client ready for full testing in Fall of 2020. Now obviously this timeline is subject to the preliminary testing and its success during the next several months, so make sure to temper expectations. The whole purpose of testing Ashes is to create a solid and enjoyable experience, while iterating on game design and implementation. The important takeaway of this announcement is that we are making progress towards a playable experience. There is still a long road ahead, and many systems in Alpha One are core systems that require more fleshing out still. And even now I cannot guarantee delays will not occur, but we will strive to be transparent and communicate with you about our successes and failures.[2]Steven Sharif

The initial tests in May with our Phoenix Initiative and above backers will be conducted during single day sessions, which over the course of several months will eventually evolve into weekend testing periods as the Alpha One game client becomes more stable. Over the summer, as we expand the participating Alpha One testers to include Bravers and above, they too will start off with weekend experiences that will test the patience of our players. As we get closer to Fall of this year, we aim to invite all Alpha One players to participate in weeklong testing sessions and push the limits of our Alpha One experience. As we approach these testing periods, we will be updating you with schedules and instructions.[2]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 release schedule

Phase Release Estimated/Actual date
Alpha Alpha-1 early look livestream.[5] March 27, 2020.[6]
Alpha-1 limited QA testing (NDA).[1][7] May 28, 2020.[8][2]
Alpha-1 release (no NDA).[9][1] Fall 2020.[1][2]


Alpha-1 NDA

Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1, Beta-2 releases are not covered by NDA (non-disclosure agreement).[10]

  • QA testing prior to the full release of Alpha-1 is covered by NDA.[3][7]
    • The text and voice NDA was lifted from the PI QA testing phase on May 28, 2020.[3]
    • The NDA will remain in place until the end of fall.[1]


Alpha and Beta participation is expected to grow with the sale of pre-order packs.[12]

Alpha island

Alpha island is an open-world testing zone for Alpha-1 participants.[13]

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