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The Phoenix initiative (PI) is a Kickstarter/Summer crowdfunding reward for pledges at the Royalty level or above.[1]

Players in the Phoenix initiative are able to enter an exclusive in-game instance where they can interact directly with developers and game masters (GMs).[2]

  • The PI instance is intended to be a inter-server instanced area.[3][4] This is not to be confused with Alpha island, which is an open-world zone.[5]
    • This will not be a cross-region instance.[3]
    • For example, there will be separate NA and EU PI instances.[6]
  • The PI instance will be accessible through port keys available in most towns and potentially through a freehold decor item gifted to the club members.[7]
  • No fast travel will be possible through the PI instance. PI members will exit the instance at the point they entered.[8]
  • No player-to-player trading or dropping and picking up items will be possible in the PI instance.[8]


The Phoenix initiative (PI) will offer unique cosmetics – that may otherwise be limited or seasonal – to club members for purchase.[9]

  • The PI club will only offer cosmetics, it will no longer offer any other condensed services.[4]

Think of it as a secret club, where you can socialize with other members. This area will not offer any “Pay to Win” functionality... This is an area devs and GMs will often hang out there in their off time, and gives you a chance to interact with them in-game![2]

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