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Cloaks (coats) are a type of Armor in Ashes of Creation.[2]

List of cloaks


- None -

Gear slots

There are 16 gear slots in Ashes of Creation:[4]


The user interface will allow emblems, logos and symbols to be designed in-game.[6][7][8]

No image import functionality is planned.[6]

Emblem editor functionality is tentatively planned for Alpha-2.[8]

Items on back and belt

Pre-alpha Mage showing items worn on their belt.[10]

Items attached to a character's belt or back represent items they are in possession of. Players can set the appearance priority for the items they wish to show.[11][12]

There'll be a priority system behind that that'll determine... do I show the Bow if the Greatsword is unequipped or do I show the Polearm if the Greatsword is unequipped.[13]Jeffrey Bard

Crowdfunding guild rewards

Guild themed character cloaks were cosmetic rewards for backing at the Leader of Men level or higher in the Kickstarter and Summer crowdfunding campaigns.[14]

Kickstarter/Summer crowdfunding guild rewards[15] are assigned to a guild by the owner of the reward.[16]

  • Once assigned, the reward becomes an asset of that guild.
  • Guild members that leave the guild no longer have access to the unique items of that guild.

List of Cloaks

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