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Player movement

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There will likely be a toggleable walk/run (autorun) capability in the game.[2]

  • There is not going to be any "go to waypoint" (auto-pathing) mechanics.[3]

Back-peddling (walking backwards) and strafing are slower than normal movement speed.[4]

Utility skills

Pre-alpha rogue climbing a Metropolis wall.[5]

We have what are called utility skills and a lot of MMORPGS really only focus on active combat skills, but some of the favorite things that I've had as a gamer is tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, and there are skills in those games that are relevant to either your environment or the quest line; and they're a little bit you know sometimes "story mode".[6]Steven Sharif

info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap for Alpha-1.

A utility skill is a non-combat skill that interacts with the environment.[7] Utility skills lend themselves toward how classes navigate and deal with hazards in the world.[8]

  • Different classes excel at different skills.[8]
  • All classes will have maneuverability/traversal utility abilities.[9]
    • There will be a grappling hook utility skill or item.[10]
  • Classes will have utility abilities, such as detecting traps and other hazards. For example: The Mage's detection spell casts light and reveals magical explosive hazards.[11]
  • Certain classes are able to climb/parkour in certain areas.[12][13]
    • Climbing/parkour ability is not free-form and will likely be restricted to certain quests, locations or objects.[14][15]
  • Certain classes (such as Rogues) will have stealth abilities.[16]
    • Rogues may also have a spyglass utility skill.[8]

We don't just have the approach of your class being reflected in your combat abilities but also there are utility abilities that certain classes have that other classes don't have.[17]Steven Sharif

Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Family summon Long duration cast (30 seconds to a minute) with an approximate 30 minute cooldown that slowly summons each of your family members to your location (up to eight members).[18][19] Players cannot be summoned in the following cases:
This will be tested in Alpha-2.[22]
- -
Pathfinding Reveals corrupted player locations on the bounty hunter's map.[23][24] Activating this ability will flag the bounty hunter for combat only to corrupted players for a period of one hour from the time of activation.[23] The pathfinding ability can be toggled on or off.[23][25] The accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[26] The accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[26]
Stealth This does not render a player completely invisible. Instead, there will be indicators that can help players "feel out" where stealthed individuals may be.[27] - -
Track track icon.png Use this skill to show nearby tracks, leading to unknown adventures.[28] - -


There are player and spell collision mechanics in Ashes of Creation.[29]

  • Inertia and momentum physics will help prevent blocking doorways/access points. This is based on a character's direction and movement speed, and can be used to push people out of the way.[30][29]


Revamped Alpha-1 Mage Fireball ability.[31][32]

The general approach that we're kind of taking based on a lot of feedback and just good combat design in general. You know philosophy is that we want to give more agency in the hands of the player and the antithesis of that is locking the player down for really long amounts of time. The sort of concept behind that is like you could make an animation effects as glorious looking as possible but if it's taking away control of the player, none of that really matters. Especially the 100th or thousandth time you're using the spell you're tired of that happening you don't feel powerful: You feel the opposite of powerful. So we're trying to like give a lot of control back to the player while they're using these abilities so they can still control their movements, they can react simultaneously while they're taking actions; and we just want to get overall more of a fluid flow, I guess, of combat. And that's kind of the general design philosophy we're using to approach the overhaul.[31]Tradd Thompson

Skills with the greatest power may require the caster to remain stationary while channeling them. This is a risk vs. reward mechanic.[33][34]

  • Prone and crouch will likely not be in the game.[35]
  • Moving backward will likely not affect block and parry.[36]

I think that that generally we want to tend to be more mobile in our classes. I think that it's a fundamentally old-school philosophy to have a lot of stuck in place type skills. That isn't to say we won't have skills that have mobility restriction on them- that require you to channel or require a casting time where you can't move; but I think it's a blend between the two. It's neither extreme.[33]Steven Sharif

It'll be something that you can spec around to. Again it's gonna be a risk/reward thing. We put a lot of thought into what skills are overpowered or have kind of this overpowering nature to them and those are the kinds of skills that will generally find that will be like in-place type of skills; where you are now at risk if you are going to cast this spell, but there's a big reward if you do manage to get it off.[33]Jeffrey Bard

info-orange.pngThis section contains information from early testing phases. It will be updated as soon as new information is made available.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Blink Blink Icon.jpg Blinks forward in the direction you are traveling.[37][38][39][40] Now deals damage to enemies surrounding your departure location.[41][40] Reduced cooldown.[37][41][40]
Jump jump icon.png Dash with cooldown.[42] Cooldown is replaced by charges with individual cooldown.[42] Drops a bear trap at the location the ranger dashed from.[42]
Rush rush icon.png Rush toward a target; and upon reaching the target, deal an amount damage with a chance to knock the target down.[43] - -
Sprint sprint icon.png Increases movement speed. Using an ability ends sprint.[44] Increased resistance to disable abilities.[44] Clears crowd control when sprint starts and removes silence.[44]


Dodging in Alpha-1 early combat.[45]

Another thing that's important about these action combats is the ability to dodge and moving out of the way of certain skill shots.[45]Steven Sharif

Dodge rolling type skills is housed in the action skill sets of agile classes such as Rogues or Fighters.[45][46]

Q: Will there be evade frames/ I-frames on dodge?
A: I would say it's a safe bet with regards to how we're approaching the hybrid combat that not only are gonna have true evasion skills that apply to more action-oriented skills that are coming your way, but you'll also have you know I-frame type skills that would apply perhaps to a tab targetable skills coming your way. So I think you're gonna have a healthy balance of both with it when it comes to skills that you can spec into.[47]Steven Sharif

Armor characteristics

Kaelar Level 20 robe set 3D render.[48]

This set is a level 20 set and this is not cosmetic. This is an in-game achievable armor set I believe.[48]Steven Sharif

Light armor

Medium armor

Heavy armor

  • Predominantly plate metal, but may incorporate other influences, such as leather.[55]
  • Heavy armor typically has more HP than lighter armor.[52]
  • Heavy armor is geared towards physical damage mitigation.[53]

- None -

An overarching set effect is granted to wearers of exclusively one type of armor, for example: all cloth, or all plate.[56]

Inventory (weight)

Personal inventory limits[58][59] are tied to a backpack.[60] Material and gatherable items are subject to quantity rather than weight limits. Caravans and Mules are intended to be the primary mode of transportation of goods beyond these limits.[61][62]

  • Mules can carry roughly 10 times more than backpacks. Caravans can carry roughly 10 times more than mules.[63]
  • Caravans will have carrying capacity limits and customizable stats, such as defensive points, speed and number of hired NPC guards.[64]
    • In addition to expanded inventory capacity, caravans also provide ancillary benefits relating to successfully completing trade routes and other quests.[65]

Inventory capacity will be relatively limited for new characters.[65]

  • Inventory expansion and weight management training certificates are available in the Galleria at City stage economic nodes.[65][66]
  • A player's inventory has sections for different types of items. Quest items for example will not fill a player's regular inventory capacity.[65]

Item stacks will in general have quantity limits based on the type of item.[61]

  • The stacking limit of potions might be one hundred. The stacking limit of food items might be 999 or 1000.[61]


Jumping puzzles will occasionally feature in the world.[68]


Underwater content will be accessible, not cumbersome.[72]

Public transportation

There are multiple types of public transportation services where players can go AFK and be driven somewhere.[74][75]

One of the nodes has the idea of an airship that can go from node to node and I'm certain that we will have harbors that do similar things with other node types... It might be something that could be player-driven... We're sure to have a taxi system you know where you load up a couple people and you drive them somewhere while you AFK.[74]Jeffrey Bard

Summoning mounts

Summoning a mount in Alpha-1.[78]

We want to make sure that it's not cumbersome to quickly mount a steed and start moving... Steeds play a very important role in mobility.[78]Steven Sharif

Mounts are items that players carry then activate to summon the mount nearby.[79]

  • Mounts are generally able to be summoned during combat in the open-world.[80]
    • There may be exceptions to this in certain dungeons, instances or other spaces where summoning mounts may not be permitted.[80]

A mount can be an initiation vehicle; it can be an escape vehicle; it can be utility vehicle; it can be traversal.[80]Steven Sharif

Mounts are going to be items that you will be able to carry on your character and activate to summon the mount in front of you or near you; where you can then ride the mount.[79]Steven Sharif

  • A player can dismount and have their mount follow them.[82][83]
    • Some crowd-control abilities can dismount a mounted player. In that case the mount would persist with its own health pool and other stats.[82]
    • In current Alpha-1 testing mounts are not separate from the player, but in future mounts will be able to

Right now we don't have it where the mount is separate from the player per-se. You automatically mount the mount when you summon it in the in the alpha. But in the future you'll be able to summon it and you won't have to automatically mount it. It'll just be standing next to you. It'll follow you around and then you'll be able to mount it.[82]Steven Sharif

  • De-summoning the mount returns the item back to the player's inventory.[81]

Fast travel

Fast travel is limited in Ashes of Creation.[84]

There is very little teleportation in the world. Some of that does get unlocked through metropolises of a certain type. Additionally there are mounts that are faster travel and there are services that are fast travel between nodes.[3]Steven Sharif

Faster travel

Faster travel in Ashes of Creation refers to.[77]

Even though there's not fast travel, there is faster travel. So you know mount ridden. There will be connection points between certain nodes via the use of like flying automated creatures that you can use. Stuff like that.[77]Steven Sharif

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