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info-orange.pngThis section contains information from Alpha-1 testing. It will be updated when new information is made available.

Stone is a gatherable Ore resource in Ashes of Creation.[1]

Type Ore
Profession Mining
In stone you'll find metal and gems; and depending on the tier and the type of stone, there'll be different kind of selection of gems and stuff you can get in it, or metals. So, you may, if you're trying to target a certain metal, you might want to consider some particular stone as well; and as you get better at finding and doing stone related stuff you'll learn the ropes there, so you can make better decisions.[2]Kory Rice


  • Harvests anywhere


Mining ore in Alpha-1 early preview.[3]

Mining is a Gathering profession in Ashes of Creation.[4][5]

  • Mining requires a mining pick.[3][5]
  • Ownership of a mine is not a game mechanic, however players may attempt to monopolise a resource via PvP.[5]
  • Resources will not simply respawn in the same place after some delay. Once depleted, resources will randomly respawn elsewhere in the world.[5]

List of gathering tools

Item Icon Type Resource tiers Rarity Level requirement Source Cost
Copper Pickaxe CopperPickaxeIcon.png Pickaxe 1 Common 1 Vendor 10
Diamond Tipped Pickaxe DiamondTippedPickaxeIcon.png Pickaxe 1 - 4 Epic 1 Vendor 2,000
Iron Pickaxe IronPickaxeIcon.png Pickaxe 1 - 2 Uncommon 1 Vendor 100
Novice Mining Axe Novice Mining Axe Icon.png Tool Common Novice Crafted items
Steel Pickaxe SteelPickaxeIcon.png Pickaxe 1 - 3 Rare 1 Vendor 500

Raw material for

- None -

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