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Alpha-1 freehold farm.[1]

Crops are intended in Ashes to be a rotational profession that is dependent on having the appropriate seedlings and/or any of the necessary tools.[2]Steven Sharif

Freehold expansions and upgrades are available as node progression allows. Some of these improvements affects the size of freehold farm plots available for crop planting.[3]

  • Artisan freehold features are also affected by adjacent terrain features. For example: building next to a river provides a nearby source of clean freshwater, and will have a positive effect on crops.[4]


Farming is an Artisan profession.[6]


Crops are farmable on freehold plots.[8]

Farmable crops have applications beyond basic food items.[9]


Farmable livestock.[6][8]

Seasonal resources

Seasons affect the crops (resources) available for planting as well as how crop rotation is managed.[10][11]

Underrealm freeholds

Resources will be different in the Underrealm.[12]

  • This will affect Farming and Animal husbandry professions.
  • Since players may only have one Freehold, they must choose their Artisan specializations accordingly if they wish to place it in the Underrealm.


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