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Zones (environments/biomes) change season on a weekly basis during scheduled downtime. Each month in real-life will effectively be a full seasonal rotation in the game.[2]

In Ashes of Creation the world will change on a regular basis. Zones will progress in a seasonal cycle, which will alter the very nature of the environment around you. Snow may block pathways that are accessible in warmer months, spring may encourage creatures otherwise unseen to come to the surface, and fall might be the only time that certain crops thrive. This cycle can then take in the state of the world’s Nodes and shift depending on their progression.[3]

Environments (Zones/biomes) experience different seasons based on their location in the world.[4]

  • There will be regions of the map with seasons that are less (or more) temperate.[5]
    For example: Northern, Southern and Tropical regions.[5]
  • There will also be magical seasons where you might be in a tropical zone and suddenly it's snowing.[5]
  • Different crop cycles.[4]
  • Pathways that are open during summer and closed during winter.[4]
  • Water turning to ice in winter, enabling players to walk over the water but blocking access to what is underneath.[4]
  • Certain Events can bring seasonal weather changes.[4]

We want to really make the environment immersive and actually affect gameplay.[4]Steven Sharif

Seasonal events

Seasonal events (holidays) in Ashes of Creation are not a direct parallel with real world events. Instead, there will be in-game lore behind seasonal events that can relate to the real-world in some way.[6][7]

For example, this upcoming cosmetic bundle that's going to be available during the time of Halloween won't necessarily be pumpkins and candy corn type of cosmetics, but instead will be a bit darker. That way it can still be relevant to real world. And then additionally it may be possible as we localize and culturalize for other territories that we have the same philosophy with region-specific events.[6]Steven Sharif

Events may bring seasonal change.[4]

  • A winter dragon may appear because a node has developed to stage 4. That dragon may bring eternal winter until it is killed.

Seasonal resources

Seasons affect the crops (resources) available for planting as well as how crop rotation is managed.[4][8]


Some Environments (Biomes) have fixed climates and others are variable.[10]

  • Weather conditions change with the Seasons.
  • There will be dynamic weather that varies in intensity.[11]
    • For example: Drizzle to/from storm, or Blizzard to/from snow.


There will be elements (such as Fire, Water) in Ashes of Creation each with their own resistances.[12]

  • Elements may have more influence in certain seasons and environments. For example, frost abilities may be stronger in winter.
  • This affects both PvE and PvP.[13]

We've discussed a little bit about how the seasons and biomes will react with different types of skills. Like if you have a fireball and it's summer it might be a little bit different. If it's winter and you have a frost ability it might be different.[13]Steven Sharif

We want to get a nice spread of abilities that that are influenced by what's going on your zone.[13]Jeffrey Bard

Elemental skills

The idea behind magic is you're manipulating the elements. They don't just have to be fire, ice, water and air. They can be darkness, they can be light, they can be planar; a lot of different types of "elemental influences". But, say for instance, I am a Ranger that has a Charge bolt ability as my primary active skill and I've chosen Mage as my secondary and applied the elemental to it. I now have a Frost charge bolt, and if I fire that frostbolt and hit a target, they may be freezing for a period of time as a debuff and that might slow their speed. If a wizard applies a nuke on a target and that nuke is a frost-based nuke, those two stacking elements might then either further snare (slow the target) or paralyze and freeze the target. So, there are combination out effects that build up: A primary, secondary and some ancillary effect occurs when those are combined.[14]Steven Sharif

Skill Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Arch lightning Launch a bolt of lightning in a forward line, damaging all within its path.[15][16] Adds damage over time to targets hit.[16] Chains to nearby enemies that are not hit. Anyone who is outside the line has a chance to get a bolt jump to them.[16]
Chain Lightning Activate to charge your attacks with lightning - each hit can then arc between foes, dealing damage to each one.[17]
  • Duration: 10 Sec.
  • Cooldown: 10 Sec.
- -
Elemental (passive) Increases to elemental damage. The more the mage changes their element type the more damage is done.[18] - -
Fire Potion Generates a fire explosion.[19] - -
Flame line Shoot an arrow that leaves behind a trail of flames.[20] Arrow explodes upon reaching the end of its distance.[20] Enemies take burning damage for entering the flames.[20]
Frost Potion Swap your explosive potion for a potion of frost. It will burst on the first bounce, leaving an area of bitter cold that slows your enemies.[21]
  • Duration: 10 Sec.
  • Cooldown: 30 Sec.
- -
Ice prison Target an enemy and summon a prison of ice around them, paralyzing them.[15][22] Adds damage over time.[22] Snares after root breaks.[22]
Ice sheet Creates an area where enemies are knocked down.[23] Snares two targets in area.[23] Increases size and duration.[23]
Implosion Launch a powerful burst of fire (fireball) against a single target.[15][24] Becomes a burn (damage over time).[24][15] Area of effect around the target.[24]
Quake If your focus is at 80%, cast this spell to split the earth itself before you, launching a line of AoE damage.[15][25] Knock down those hit by your arcane might.[15][25] Reduces focus cost and cooldown for the skill.[25]

Underrealm environment

Alpha-0 Underrealm environment.[26]

Underrealm environments are vast.[27]

  • Caravans should be able to operate as they do above ground.[27]
  • If there's insufficient room for Dragons, another mount type may be utilized.[27]
  • Burrowing mounts are being considered as an alternative to flying mounts in the Underrealm.[28]

One of the important aspects of color play is going to be the distinguishing factor between different Underrealms and the regions that exist in the world: Their color influences set them apart from different regions.[29]Steven Sharif

Seasons above ground will affect the Underrealm.[27]

  • This will not be a one-to-one correlation: for example, it won't snow in the Underrealm.
  • Tunnel flooding and other effects will be related to the weather above ground.

The seasons above ground will kind of inform what happens underneath. I mean, it's not going to be a direct one-to-one correlation right, not like it's going to be raining in the underworld, but you will see the effects from above happen down below: You might find tunnels being flooded.[27]Jeffrey Bard

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