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Cleric poster from PAX West 2017.

Cleric is an archetype in Ashes of Creation.[3]

In such a dangerous world, a cleric is never wanting for friends. They can protect their allies in a number of ways and when necessary, snuff the life out of others. Masters over the very essence of life, they can sense the broken and corrupted.

Cleric classes

Class Primary Secondary
Apostle Cleric Tank
High Priest Cleric Cleric
Oracle Cleric Mage
Protector Cleric Ranger
Scryer Cleric Bard
Shadow Disciple Cleric Rogue
Shaman Cleric Summoner
Templar Cleric Fighter


Clerics have control over life and this may relate to utility abilities that relate to corruption.[4]

Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Banish Teleport target a distance away from the caster.[5] Decrease hate threat from those enemies and increase the distance. If the target is currently targeting the caster the target will clear.[5] Snare two enemies that are banished. Port them away and then they're slowed.[5]
Benediction Chain heal.[6]
Castigation Whip.[6]
Cleanse cleanse icon.png Use this skill to cleanse an area of harmful environmental effects.[7] - -
Damnation Pointing with recurring FX.[6]
Devotion Two projectiles that seek target, heal.[6] It's a quick hot.[8]
Divine Censure Spear.[6]
Divine form divine form icon.png If your focus is at 80%, use this skill to increase heals and damage of your skills by 25% for 8 seconds. Applies an AoE heal over time to friends and damage over time to enemies.[7] Pulse AoE heal and damage around the caster.[9] Reduces hate for the caster on enemies hit by the pulse. Enemies targeting the caster lose target.[9] Increases effectiveness of all heals while cast in this form.[9]
Endow life endow life icon.png Resurrect target if they are dead. Prevents death if they are alive. Resurrected players don't return to life at 100% health and mana values.[10] Increases duration of death prevention buff.[10] Resurrects target to 100% hit points and mana points.[10]
Exorcism Two beams from hands to target.[6]
Hallowed Ground Energy ball into ground FX.[6][11]
Judgement Hammer.[6]
Life bolt Deal damage to enemy based on the casters missing health.[12] Adds an area of effect.[12] Slows enemies hit by the blast.[12]
Life's balance lifes balance icon.png Balance the life percentages of all party members to the average percentage of health.[7][13] Reduced cooldown.[13] Adds a heal over time on everyone.[13]
Lifeline lifeline icon.png Chain heal to friendly targets.[14] Add damage to enemy in range of final group member healed.[14] Heal and damage increases based on the number of allies that will be hit by the ability. Stacks up to four of five times.[14]
Mana pool (passive) Increased mana pool.[15] Further increased to mana pool.[15] Every Nth cast is free.[15]
Mana well Gain X mana per pulse. X must be either percentage based or based on weapon damage.[16] Bonus health per pulse.[16] Allies in the well get a physical and magical defensive buff.[16]
Medium armor (passive) Increases armor given by medium armor.[17] Further increases armor given by medium armor.[17] If medium armor worn in all slots gives a balance of health and mana less than the health given.[17]
Proximity chain stun Chains enemies to a center point. If enemies leave proximity of the point the chain breaks and they are stunned. Chain is only applied when the ability is cast.[18] Enemies that are chained take extra damage from all incoming sources.[18] Allies in range when chain is cast gain extra health from heals.[18]
Resurrection Resurrection.[6]
Righteous blessing righteous blessing icon.png Deliver a spot heal.[19] Adds heal over time.[19] Adds damage over time to adjacent enemies.[19]
Soul paralysis Channel a lock down of a single target. Both you and the enemy are held in place.[20] Increased resistances to being disabled.[20] Caster takes reduced damage while channeling.[20]
Staff combo staff combo icon.png Target an enemy and use your staff to strike with multiple blows. Dealing damage and powering up your focus with this weapon attack.[7] - -
Stolen blessing stolen blessing icon.png Drop a totem to damage enemies within range.[7] Ticks damage on targets in range of the AoE.[13] Provides that damage done as heals to allies in range of the totem.[13] Slow movement of enemies in AoE range of totem. Always on for enemies in range.[13]

Cleric augments

Classes with Cleric as a secondary archetype are able to choose between life or death augments.[21][22]

  • Choosing life augments will provide the ability to provide self-healing benefits as well as limited life giving benefits to other players.[23][21]
  • Some cleric augments applied to certain skills will indirectly provide the ability to heal others. These will not replace the need for a cleric archetype.[24]
  • Cleric augments will radically change the type of summons available from the summoner primary archetype.[25]
    • Skeletons, zombies and other undead summons will be possible with death based augments.[25][26]

Any class that's going to choose Cleric as a secondary class will have the ability to pick from those augments to influence their skills to affect the life of others around you.[21]Steven Sharif

Cleric timeline

The Cleric archetype is scheduled for release in Alpha-1.[27]


Archetype list

Icon Archetype Type.[28]
bard symbol.jpg Bard Arcane
cleric thumb.png Cleric Arcane
fighter icon.png Fighter Martial
mage thumb.png Mage Arcane
ranger thumb.png Ranger Martial
rogue icon.png Rogue Martial
Summoner Class.jpg Summoner Arcane
tank thumb.png Tank Martial

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