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A character may equip up to two hand weapons and also wear a ranged weapon on their back.[2][3][4]

List of ranged weapons

Ranged skills

Some abilities require a specific weapon to be equipped.[8][9][2][3]

Skill Icon Base skill
Air Strike Air Strike New.png Leap a great distance forward and into the air while firing three projectiles in a line along the path, each dealing area damage and rooting targets hit for 3 seconds. Rotation control is enabled during cast.[10] The root effect is nature based.[11]
Arcane Volley Arcane Volley (Active).png Fires a volley of arcane missiles at your target, dealing arcane damage with each hit.[12][13]
Ball Lightning Lightning ball.png Creates a large ball of highly charged electricity that travels slowly forward, dealing rapid periodic lightning damage to enemies it overlaps with and applying 1 Electrified stack to targets with each hit.[14][15][16]
Chain Lightning Chain Lightning Icon clean.png Release a powerful streak of lightning that hits your primary target and then chains outward to all nearby enemies from that target, dealing lightning damage and applying 3 stacks of Electrified to each target hit.[17][18][19]
Divine Censure DivineCensureIcon.jpg Hurls a radiant spear at the target, dealing damage.[20][21][22][23]
Fireball Fireball (Active).png Instantly hurl a ball of fire toward your target, dealing fire damage and applying 1 stack of Burning to target on impact. Burning deals periodic fire damage over time for each stack applied. When the target reaches 5 stacks, they become Conflagrated, dealing extreme fire damage over time. Hitting a conflagrating enemy with a lightning spell causes Fusion, dealing significant damage and removing the Conflagrated effect.[24]
Frostbolt Frostbolt (Active).png Launch a bolt of frost towards your target, dealing ice damage and applying 2 Chilled stacks to the target on impact. Chilled reduces movement speed of the target for each stack applied. When the target reaches 5 stacks, they become Frozen, rooting them in place for the duration. Hitting a frozen enemy with a lightning spell causes them to Shatter, dealing significant damage and removing the Frozen effect.[25][26]
Grapple Grapple Icon.png Takes aim for a moment before hurling a hooked chain in a line, damaging the first target it contacts and immediately pulling them to the caster. The target suffers a tapering snare for 3 seconds.[27][28]
Headshot Headshot.png Deals 175% physical damage to target enemy.[29]
Judgment Judgment Icon2.png Cast a heal on target ally for a large amount of health. If this is cast on an enemy, it instead deals radiant damage to the target and applies 2 stacks of Burning.[30][31]
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike (Active).png Held ability: Charge up a bolt of lightning to unleash upon your target, dealing lightning damage and applying 2 stacks of Electrified to the target. This deals additional damage based on how long it was charged. Electrified reduces the target's magical mitigation for each stack applied. When the target reaches 10 stacks, all Electrified stacks are consumed and they become temporarily Shocked. Whenever a Shocked enemy takes damage, they take additional damage and 1 stack of Shocked is consumed. Shocked is initially applied with 20 stacks.[32][33]
Longbow basic attack Bow basic attack.png A slower, powerful, longer range basic ranged attack. Tapping the basic attack button will shoot normally. Holding the basic attack button will charge the shot (and root the player) to cause added damage.[34][35][36]
Meteor (Meteor Shower).png Conjures a massive flaming rock before sending it hurling toward target location. Upon impact, it deals major fire damage while knocking foes flying, and then continues to roll forward for its remaining distance, dealing additional fire damage while applying stacks of Burning to enemies along its path.[37]
Piercing Shot Piercing Shot.png Fire a projectile that travels in a straight line, piercing through and damaging all enemies in its path.[38]
Prismatic Beam Prismatic Beam Icon.jpg Spawns a giant prismatic beam of energy that can be aimed around you. Deals large damage to enemy targets.[39][21][40]
Raining Death Raining Death reskin.png Fires a dense rain of arrows 20 meters ahead, dealing high damage. Deals more damage to more distant targets.[41]
Resplendent Beam Resplendent Beam.png Held ability: Fire a beam of healing energy toward a target ally. Charging this spell allows the beam to bounce to up to 5 additional friendly targets closest to the original target, based on how long it was charged. The amount of healing is reduced for each subsequent target.[42][43]
Shortbow basic attack Copper Shortbow Icon.png A fast, low power, short range basic ranged attack. Holding down the basic attack button will repeatedly fire.[35][36]
Smite Smite.png Smite your target, dealing instant damage and applying a stack of Burning to target enemy. Has no cast time and deals increased damage if activated within melee range of the target. This attack always critically hits on targets under the effect of Condemn.[44][45]
Snipe Snipe New.png Charge a powerful ranged attack, dealing large damage after charging for 3 seconds. Deals 300% physical damage.[46]
Thundershock Lightning Bolt Icon.jpg Shoots forward a beam of lightning that damages enemies in a line in front of you.[47][21][48]
Wings of Salvation Wings of Salvation.png Sprout phoenix-like wings and leap to target ally, then grant a small amount of temporary health to that target on arrival.[49][50] An ally is defined as any non-combatant player or non-mob NPC.[51]

Gear slots

Alpha-2 character sheet work-in-progress UI.[52]

We wanted to create something that would handle a couple of different roles, with obviously your equipment slots for what we call a "paper doll", which is that display of your character. Eventually it won't just be a image of your character, we hope to have the 3D character and be able to rotate around, look at what you're wearing. And then we wanted to support a couple of different features here, with some base stats; the equipment, which will show what equipment you have available to quick swap, so you don't have to have your inventory and the screen open; detailed stats for those people who want to get into all of the details; and then of course gear sets. So this is going to be able to swap to your sets of gear quickly; and being able to save different loadouts.[52]Colby Marchi

There are multiple gear slots in Ashes of Creation.[52]

  • Previously it was stated there were 16 gear slots.[58]

Gear appearance priority

Players can set the appearance priority for the items they wish to show in their Back and Belt slots.[54][57][71]


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