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In-game text chat channels include:[1][2]

In-game voice (VOIP) channels include:[4]

Voice chat is not proximity based.[4]

  • Has fully functional mute/chat preferences.

Voice controls

Raid leaders are able to control Voice chat.[5]

  • Toggle (global) mute on the entire raid.[5]
  • Assign speaker roles allowing party members to globally mute other members.[5]

Raid members will be able to (locally) mute other members.[5]

If you are joined in raid where you have multiple squads that have connected into a raid for the castle sieges, the leaders of those squads will be able to communicate across all members of squad. So let's say you have five teams of four, for a total of twenty people within a particular raid... there are five that have global speech capacity; and then in those individual parties they'll also have their own inter-voice communication. So party leader will be able to hear their party members and the party members will hear each other, but they'll also be able to hear other party leaders speak as well.[6]Steven Sharif

Tavern communications

Taverns offer private chat and voice communications for all patrons within the building.[7]

User interface commands

Command Function
/roll Simulates a dice roll.[8]


Ashes of Creation will be initially available in English, French, German, and Russian.[9][10]

  • Italian, Polish and Spanish localization will then be added.[10]
  • Other languages are being considered.[9]

Servers won't be language locked.[11]

  • There may be separate servers in the EU region based on language type.[10]

There's localization that will be present in the German and French Russian languages to start; and then we intend to also localize in Italian, Polish and Spanish. So servers will be allocated within the region as being one of those language type servers. So it's not going to be per country per se as it might be per language.[10]Steven Sharif

Efforts will be made to translate Ashes of Creation into multiple languages.[11][12]

Voice acting

NPCs will have voice acted audio greetings.[14][15]

  • Narrated quest lines are not currently planned.[14]
  • Adding voice acting into the game at at a later point is a fairly cosmetic change.[14]

Is it difficult to add voice acting later? No, it's definitely not... It's a fairly cosmetic change.[14]Steven Sharif

Voice acting is a fun luxury to have, but it is not only a costly one, but it is also one that takes a lot of logistics.[16]Steven Sharif

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