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DLC expansions (post-launch releases) are planned on a monthly, quarterly, or six-monthly basis.[1][2]

  • The frequency and size of expansions will be based on the popularity and subscription base of the game.[1]

Because of the modularity of a lot of the systems that we're working on, it's not too hard to iterate and implement new things... We're planning on going on a quarterly/ monthly cycle to continue to push out new content.[6]Jeffrey Bard

The quarterly cycle for the big content is good for us and then, as you said, those modular components to our mechanisms in the game allow for us to introduce smaller content patches that can be seen in real time in the world.[6]Steven Sharif

We don't intend to a wordsmith around future charge for DLC content. As a subscription model, that's part of the agreement between us as a Studio and you guys: That there will be regularly scheduled updates and chapters; and that subscription is what allows you to access that content.[4]Steven Sharif

Subscription model

Game time is currently purchasable in Pre-order packs.[7]

This allows us to avoid the pay to win mentality many free-to-play games employ, as well as maintain a steady flow of new content for all our players.[8]

Ashes of Creation (the MMORPG) is a subscription based game.[8]

  • The monthly subscription fee is USD $14.99.[9][10]
    • Certain regions will have "harmonized" subscription prices that better reflect their local economies. These regions will be segregated from other regions.[11]

I think a sub cost provides both the barrier of entry to prevent, some not all, but mitigate some gold selling bots and whatnot because there's a cost associated with playing the game, but it's also not too high that it gets on the greedy side or prevents a lot of players from participating and trying the game; and then if the game is good then people will continue to subscribe and that subscription provides funding and revenue for the developers to continue a significant content creation and expansion rollout for the game.[15]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse is free-to-play.[16][17]

  • These are stand-alone modes that will be open to everyone, not just backers.[16][17][18][19]

There is no P2W in Apocalypse or the MMORPG![17]

Box cost

There is no upfront box cost associated with Ashes of Creation.[20]

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