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Hidebound Barding is a mount barding cosmetic appearance from Ashes of Creation Apocalypse.[1]

Mount barding

Mount barding cosmetic reward for backing at the Leader of Men level.[2]

Mount barding (also referred to as Saddles) is armor for mounts in Ashes of Creation. Mount barding is similar in concept to player armor.[3]

  • The higher the level of barding, the better looking it will be.[3]
  • Barding will have multiple components that can be equipped. Each component will increase the stats of the mount, such as hit points and speed.[4][3]
  • Barding cosmetics can only be applied to mounts with barding cosmetic slots.[5]
  • Cosmetic skins may only be applied to barding/saddle items that are earned in-game.[6]
    • Barding skins' appearance may differ depending on the type of mount.[5]

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