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Tank primary archetype combined with Cleric secondary is a Paladin class.[1][2]


Tanks will not be forced to have a shield but it will definitely be a viable option.[3]Jeffrey Bard

Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Absorb bubble absorb bubble icon.png Absorbs a fixed amount of damage then does that damage to nearby targets upon expiration.[4] Increases the duration of the buff.[4] Adds thorn damage while absorb is active.[4]
Block (passive) Increases your block percentage by X.[5] Further increases block.[5] Chance to deal weapon damage on a successful block.[5]
Bulwark Bulwark icon.png Strikes your target and increases your block chance. Generates additional threat.[6] Increased damage. Increased duration. Increased block chance.[6] Increased damage. Increased duration. Increased block chance.[6]
Cover cover icon.png Target a friendly player, to absorb 50% of their incoming damage for 6 seconds.[7][8] Increases damage that's redirected.[8] Gives the target damage reduction buff for the duration. The damage reduction applies to both the tank and the ally.[8]
Crowd control break Breaks non-animated knockdown crowd control effects (such as root, snare and stun).[9] Increases resistances to crowd control effects.[9] Gain focus for each CC effect that is cleared through this use.[9]
Hatred hatred icon.png Single target that adds hate.[10] Add a forced target lock.[10] Add hate over time per tick.[10]
Heavy armor (passive) Increases armor given by heavy armor.[11] Further increases armor given.[11] Each piece of armor added gives health percentage bonus to the tank.[11]
Javelin Javelin icon.png Pulls your target to your location. Generates additional threat.[12] Increased damage. Now pulls up to 3 targets.[12] Increased damage. Now pulls up to 5 targets. Stuns targets.[12]
Lacerate Lacerate icon.png Slashes your target, dealing instant damage and bleeds the target over time. Generates additional threat.[13] Increased damage. If the target is bleeding from previous Lacerate, explode remaining bleed damage as instant damage.[13] Increased damage.[13]
Lob Weapon Lob Weapon icon.png Throws your weapon at your target, dealing damage. Generates additional threat.[13] Increased damage. Bounces up to 2 additional targets.[13] Increased damage. Bounces up to 4 additional targets. When the weapon reaches its final target, explodes into extra area damage.[13]
Longsword combo longsword combo icon.png Target an enemy and use your sword and shield to strike with multiple blows. Dealing damage and powering up your focus with this weapon attack.[7] - -
Myrmidon's Fury Myrmidon's Fury icon.png Strikes your target and increases your damage mitigation. Generates additional threat.[14] Increased damage. Increased duration. Increased mitigation.[14] Increased damage. Increased duration. Increased mitigation.[14]
Onslaught Onslaught icon.png Charge your target. Provides a small damage-absorbing shield. Generates additional threat.[15] Increased damage. Increased shielding. Knocks down target.[15] Increased damage. Increased shielding. Knocks up targets along the chargepath.[15]
Perception perception icon.png Use this skill to detect threats within range of your perception.[7] - -
Resounding Smash Resounding Smash icon.png Smashes the ground in front of you, dealing damage to all targets. A second hit resounds on the primary target. Generates additional threat.[16] Increased damage.[16] Increased damage.[16]
Righteous fury righteous fury icon.png Use your ultimate when your focus has reached 80%, to launch spears at all targets within your forward arc. Dealing damage and pulling them to you.[7] Pulls targets in a cone to the caster and does damage.[17] Adds target lock and hate. All targets pulled now target lock the Tank and their hate is increased.[17] Increases the arc radius to 360°.[17]
Shield might shield might icon.png Single target knock down or stun (bash).[18] Changes to a frontal cone attack.[18] Increases the block chance for a duration after success. Duration of block chance increases based on the number of targets hit.[18]
Shield throw Throws shield and adds hate.[19] Changes to cone attack.[19] Add stun to the first target hit.[19]
Shockwave Shockwave icon.png Stomps the ground in front of you, knocking down and dealing damage to all targets. Generates additional threat.[20] Increased damage. Now deals damage over time in the affected area.[20] Increased damage. Increased effect radius.[20]
Ultimate Defense Ultimate Defense icon.png Provides increasing mitigation based on missing health, up to full invulnerability. Reduces movement speed while active.[21] Increased duration.[21] Increased duration. Now applies a large mitigation increase to nearby group members.[21]

Cleric augments

Classes with Cleric as a secondary archetype are able to choose between life or death augments.[22][23]

  • Choosing life augments will provide the ability to provide self-healing benefits as well as limited life giving benefits to other players.[24][22]
  • Some cleric augments applied to certain skills will indirectly provide the ability to heal others. These will not replace the need for a cleric archetype.[25]
  • Cleric augments will radically change the type of summons available from the summoner primary archetype.[26]
    • Skeletons, zombies and other undead summons will be possible with death based augments.[26][27]

Any class that's going to choose Cleric as a secondary class will have the ability to pick from those augments to influence their skills to affect the life of others around you.[22]Steven Sharif

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