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Underrealm concept art.[1]

The Tulnar society has more of a caste like system, where based on what physical features you show, based on where your ancestry and lineage lie between the races that came together to make the Tulnar, kind of determines your order in that caste system to a degree. So when players get to create their characters and determine whether they are going to have heavy influences of reptilian, mammalian, humanoid; that's going to kind of determine their reception from NPCs as well when they interact with those Tulnar PCs.[2]Steven Sharif

Tulnar is a playable race in Ashes of Creation.[3][4] The Tulnar fled to the Underrealm to escape the Corruption that befell Verra.[5]

  • The Tulnar is a combination of four major races and many minor races that were left behind on Verra after the apocalypse.[6][7][4]
    • This was previously stated to be three different races.[8]
  • Tulnar stands for "the forgotten".[4]
  • Tulnar are not restricted to the Underrealm (there are no factions).[9]
  • Tulnar eat many things![10]
  • The Tulnar religion is a combination of religious beliefs of the major races as well as pagan beliefs of the minor races that evolved over time as they coexisted together in the Underrealm.[11]
  • Tulnar are not a result of corruption.[12]
  • The Tulnar have souls and these souls act as conduits for The Essence.[13]
  • The Tulnar do not have avian characteristics. The sentient avian races (such as the Sladeborne) did not take refuge in the Underrealm.[14]

Were the Tulnar a result of corruption in their creation, or was it purely a kind of you know crossbreeding between the multiple minor and major races that existed in the Underrealm during the after the apocalypse? They are not a result of corruption. So there is no corruption that was that was taken into account during their creation.[12]Steven Sharif

The Tulnar race will be in place before Alpha-2. Concepts and early works are expected at that time.[15]

Tulnar appearance

Outdated Tulnar silhouettes. These do not represent the current state of game design.[16][3]

Tulnar is the only race with the capability to adjust racial appearance in a significant manner.[8]

  • Tulnar race does not have sub-types, instead, players will be able to customize the appearance of Tulnar characters.[17]
  • Players will have dials to adjust the reptilian, mammalian, humanoid, and other attributes of their Tulnar character in the Character creator.[18]
    • Mammalian Tulnar may have snout features, fur and inverted knees.[19]
    • Reptilian Tulnar may have more circular eyes and head shape, and scaly skin.[19]
  • Tulnar do not equal furries.[20]
    • There are bestial components that can be scaled up when creating a Tulnar character.[20]

Tulnar do not equal furries, but there are definitely some bestial components that you can scale up when you're creating your Tulnar character, so you could max that setting I guess. Whether or not that would give you what you would think of as a furry, I guess it's going to be up to your interpretation of what a Furry is.[20]Steven Sharif

Q: Will character creator allow us to make Tulnar that might look somewhat like Kobolds from Pathfinder or DnD?
A: I wouldn't say exactly, but there's definitely elements of Kobolds that you could incorporate in a character creator with the Tulnar, yes.[21]Steven Sharif

Tulnar starting area

Points of interest will exist that represent Tulnar npc structures. In the similar fashion that the starting areas around divine gateways will include expeditionary npc settlements not tied to the node structures but serve as initial quest origination points.[22]Steven Sharif

Tulnar have a starting area that does not involve a divine gateway.[23]

  • Points of interest exist that represent Tulnar NPC structures in a similar fashion to the starting areas around divine gateways.[22]

Tulnar have the same option of starting at any of the divine gateways. Their civilization, though within the underrealm, has also begun to explore the surface.[24]Steven Sharif

Unlike the other races, the Tulnar won’t be returning to Verra, instead they will be returning to the surface from the Underrealm for the first time in generations.[5]


Alpha-0 Underrealm environment.[26]

One of the aspects of the Lore behind the Tulnar was that in the pantheon of gods that exist- having foretold the future through the Goddess of Fate to the Goddess of Creation- these areas in the Underrealm were created in to allow for refuge for which the gods knew would be left behind that couldn't make it to Sanctus. So that was a pre-thought there in the creation of the Underrealm to facilitate that realm where refugees could seek.[27]Steven Sharif

Alpha-0 Underrealm Sharptooth cat mob concept art.[26]

We plan to have the Underrealm really pervasive throughout the game itself, a part of the open world. It will introduce some unique elements such as the type of monsters you see, the type of crops you can grow and houses you can have.[28]Steven Sharif

The Underrealm is a rich environment where bio-luminescence abounds in the fauna and flora that exist here. These deep caverns and underground valleys provide new destinations for civilization to develop. Bringing the node system into the depths of the world may awaken darker creatures than the surface.[1]

  • The Underrealm is estimated to be 100 km2 in area.[29]
    • The underrealm is not contiguous across the entire map. There will be areas that are obstructed by chasms or other features.[30]
    • The location of Underrealm entrances throughout the world is focused around natural geographic choke-points that exist above ground. This provides alternate subterranean routes that can be used by caravans, raids, and other player activities.[30]
    • Not all entrances to the Underrealm will be open at the same time. This can shift dynamically (based on node states) that cause different routes to open up, which may be more or less advantageous than other routes.[30]

The expansiveness of the Underrealm itself is quite large. It does persist across across a lot of the playable game area that's above ground. So there are alternatives in the Underrealm for passages and traversal throughout the world.[31]Steven Sharif

We've also talked about node states affecting what openings are open and what things are closed. So not all entrances to the Underrealm will be open at the same time. So that configuration can shift and different routes will open up and be more advantageous than other routes.[30]Jeffrey Bard


Concept art showing the citizens of Verra escaping a besieged city through a divine gateway.[32]

In Ashes of Creation there is a primary antagonist that exists within the overarching storyline and these antagonists are The Ancients. When the Apocalypse occurred and the Harbingers arrived in on Verra and those conduits opened from the center of those Harbingers, the Ancients flowed out of these Harbingers and started really conquering the Verran planet. But more importantly their desire was to essentially manipulate and pervert the creation of the gods as an affront to their endeavors; and in doing so they created monstrosities essentially any portion of nature just was completely manipulated by their corruption, which is the negative aspect of Essence.[33]Steven Sharif

Long ago, the world of Verra was besieged by a great calamity (also called the Fall, the Apocalypse, and the Exodus), brought about by the primary antagonists of the world: The Ancients and The Others.[33][34]

  • The apocalypse began with comet-like celestial bodies called Harbingers arriving on Verra. The Ancients flowed out of the conduits that opened at the center of the Harbingers and started conquering the planet.[33]
  • Their desire was to pervert the creation of the gods (the Seven) as an affront to their endeavors; and in doing so they created monstrosities by manipulating nature with corruption, which is the negative aspect of The Essence.[33][35]

Granted by divine intervention from the Goddess of Creation[36], much of the population fled Verra through towering gateways, seeking refuge in a world void of magic.[32] The world of Sanctus.[37]

Soon after the exodus, the gateways dimmed and became dormant. Centuries turned to millennia, burying them beneath myriad calamities. Over eons, history became legend, then even the great legends were at last forgotten.[32]

The Tulnar is a combination of four major races and many minor races that were left behind on Verra after the apocalypse.[6][7][4]



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