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Traps are a type of hazard in Ashes of Creation.[2]

There are hazards in game when you delve the dungeons, like wires or magical traps and pits that require utility items or spells to reveal, that each class will have a certain focus in. The light spell for example reveals magical explosive hazards.[2]Steven Sharif

Utility skills

Pre-alpha rogue climbing a Metropolis wall.[3]

We have what are called utility skills and a lot of MMORPGS really only focus on active combat skills, but some of the favorite things that I've had as a gamer is tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, and there are skills in those games that are relevant to either your environment or the quest line; and they're a little bit you know sometimes "story mode".[4]Steven Sharif

A utility skill is a non-combat skill that interacts with the environment.[5] Utility skills lend themselves toward how classes navigate and deal with hazards in the world.[6]

  • Different classes excel at different skills.[6]
  • All classes will have maneuverability/traversal utility abilities.[7]
    • There will be a grappling hook utility skill or item.[8]
  • Classes will have utility abilities, such as detecting traps and other hazards. For example: The Mage's detection spell casts light and reveals magical explosive hazards.[2]
  • Certain classes are able to climb/parkour in certain areas.[9][10]
    • Climbing/parkour ability is not free-form and will likely be restricted to certain quests, locations or objects.[11][12]
  • Certain classes (such as Rogues) will have stealth abilities.[13]
    • Rogues may also have a spyglass utility skill.[6]

We don't just have the approach of your class being reflected in your combat abilities but also there are utility abilities that certain classes have that other classes don't have.[14]Steven Sharif

info-orange.pngThis section contains information from early testing phases. It will be updated as soon as new information is made available.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Family summon Long duration cast (30 seconds to a minute) with an approximate 30 minute cooldown that slowly summons each of your family members to your location (up to eight members).[15][16] Players cannot be summoned in the following cases:
This will be tested in Alpha-2.[19]
- -
Mount Potion
Pathfinding Reveals corrupted player locations on the bounty hunter's map.[20][21] Activating this ability will flag the bounty hunter for combat only to corrupted players for a period of one hour from the time of activation.[20] The pathfinding ability can be toggled on or off.[20][22] The accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[23] The accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[23]
Stealth This does not render a player completely invisible. Instead, there will be indicators that can help players "feel out" where stealthed individuals may be.[24] - -
Track track icon.png Use this skill to show nearby tracks, leading to unknown adventures.[25] - -

Jumping puzzles

Jumping puzzles will occasionally feature in the world.[27]

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