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Tank primary archetype combined with Bard secondary combo is an Argent class.[1]


Tanks will not be forced to have a shield but it will definitely be a viable option.[2]Jeffrey Bard

Tank combat abilities

info-orange.pngThis section contains information from Alpha-1 testing. It will be updated when new information is made available.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Javelin Javelin Icon.jpg Pulls a target enemy to your location.[3][4][5][6] Deals damage and generates a great amount of threat.[3][6] Reduces cooldown by 5 seconds.[3][6]
Lacerate Lacerate Icon.jpg Pierce your enemy, dealing instant damage and causing them to bleed for additional damage over time.[7][4][8][9] Increased bleed duration. If the target is bleeding from previous Lacerate, explode remaining bleed damage as instant damage.[7][9] Hitting an enemy with Lacerate already under its bleed effect will consume the bleed and deal 50% of the remaining damage instantly.[7][9]
Myrmidon's Fury Myrmidon Icon.jpg Strike your target and gain a temporary buff that gives you a chance to counterattack each time you are struck.[10][4][11][12] Increased chance to counterattack.[10][12] Increased damage mitigation during the buff's duration.[10][12]
Onslaught Onslaught Icon.jpg Charge and deal damage to your target.[13][4][14][15] Reduce the target's attack damage temporarily.[13][15] Knock down the target.[13][15]
Resounding Smash Resounding Smash Icon.jpg Strikes in front of you, then deal additional damage after a short delay to any targets that were initially struck.[16][4][17][18] The delayed hit deals additional damage.[16][18] The delayed hit returns mana to yourself.[16][18]
Shockwave Shockwave Icon.jpg Strike the ground with your weapon, dealing damage to enemies in front of you and leaving a fiery patch of earth that continually deals damage to enemies in the area over its duration.[19][4][20][21] The fiery patch left behind deals additional damage.[19][21] Slows enemies standing in the area.[19][21]
Ultimate Defense Ultimate Defense Icon.jpg Become immune to damage for 3 seconds.[22][4][23][24] Duration is increased to 5 seconds.[24] Grant damage mitigation to all party members.[24]
Weapon Toss Weapon Toss Icon.jpg Throw your weapon at a target.[25][4][26][9] Bounces to two additional enemies.[25][9] Explodes upon hitting the final target, dealing damage to enemies in the area.[25][9]

Tank passive abilities

info-orange.pngThis section contains information from Alpha-1 testing. It will be updated when new information is made available.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Block Chance Block Chance.png Increase chance to block attacks by 20% (Blocked attacks deal 20% reduced damage).[27]
Cooldown Reduction Cooldown Reduction.png Reduce all ability cooldowns by 5%.[28]
Critical Hit Rate Critical Hit Rate.png Increase the chance for damage and healing abilities to critically hit by 5%.[28]
Defense Mitigation Defense Mitigation.png Increase defense mitigation by 4.[28]
Healing Received Healing Received.png Increase the amount of healing received by 10%.[29]
Health Regeneration Health Regeneration.png Generate an additional 1.5% of your maximum health per second.[28]
Mana Regeneration Mana Regeneration.png Generate an additional 1% of your maximum mana per second.[28]
Maximum Health Maximum Health.png Increase maximum health by 75.[28]
Movement Speed Movement Speed.png Increase movement speed by 5%.[28]
Physical Evasion Bonus Physical Evasion Bonus.png Increase physical evasion bonus by 5.[30]

Bard augments

info-orange.pngThis section will be updated as soon as information is made available by the developers.

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