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A featureless tome is a quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • Time worse these brittle, yellow pages to the brink or illegibility. Thanks to Wynden's dutiful annotations, you can piece together some important parts that she's helpfully flagged with marker ribbons. The title page's translation annotation indicates it was titled "The Rune-Hymnals of Forgemaster Traela."
    • [PROMPT] Check the first marked section
      • Wynden has highlighted a short passage here: "Upon etching the runes, I must say, 'Kina,' my daughter's name for her memory is imbued here among the remains of her honor guard."
    • [PROMPT] Check the second marked section
      • This marked section contains nearly a full-page sketch of a proud warrior standing tall. The majority of the captions is lost to wear, but a part of a word remains legible: "idina. Spearman."
    • [PROMPT] Check the third marked section
      • Wynden has highlight a short passage here: "She stood alone and always had, my Rysa, in her skill with all manner of small arms. Though now gone, the power in her name has become instrumental in the armor binding ritual."
    • [PROMPT] Close the book (leave)



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