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Attendant Wynden

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Screenshot from Alpha-1 testing. Image credit: User:Asenscient

Attendant Wynden is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • "Flame guide you, traveler.
    • [PROMPT] Are you a cleric?
      • Yes. I've been tasked with translating some old tablets brought down from the crypt on the side of the mountain just North of us here. They make note of a purifying ritual that Clerics of old undertook, although I'm not sure to what end. I'd like you to try and recreate this ritual and uncover its purpose.
        • [PROMPT] Say no more. I'll attempt the ritual. (Accept Quest
    • [PROMPT] I've only just come through, and I'm getting my bearings. I'm {Username}.
    • [PROMPT] Thank you, and I prefer it that way.


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