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info-orange.pngThis is a disambiguation page that lists articles with similar titles.

Vehicles in Ashes of Creation may refer to:

Right now we do have a collision priority system which means that vehicles move players and mounts. Mounts and players cannot stop vehicles from moving the vehicle. Its collision has priority; and then ships have the ultimate priority. Nothing can move ships or block ships.[1]Steven Sharif

Public transportation

There are multiple types of public transportation services where players can go AFK and be driven somewhere.[2][3]

One of the nodes has the idea of an airship that can go from node to node and I'm certain that we will have harbors that do similar things with other node types... It might be something that could be player-driven... We're sure to have a taxi system where you load up a couple people and you drive them somewhere while you AFK.[2]Jeffrey Bard

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