Ultimate Defense

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Alpha-1 preview Tank Ultimate Defense ability.[1]

The VFX are very placeholder. It’s easy in development to share FX types early on IE fire elements and to purpose those across many skills until we standup the additional elements and assign new FX to skills as we iterate and broaden out the VFX library.[2]Steven Sharif

Tank ability:

This fight will not be your last! Ultimate Defense provides increasing damage mitigation based on missing health, up to full invulnerability - though it also reduces your movement speed while active. When Ultimate Defense becomes stronger, its duration increases, also providing a large damage mitigation increase to nearby group members.[3]

Ultimate Defense Icon.jpg

Rank 1
Become immune to damage for 3 seconds.[4][5][1][6]
Rank 2
Duration is increased to 5 seconds.[6]
Rank 3
Grant damage mitigation to all party members.[6]

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