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If you are a content creator, you're interested in that- and content creation does not just mean videos and streamers; that could be you're a fan site, you create fan creations, you're a cosplayer, whatever it may be. Feel free to apply to that program. We aren't closing applications yet, but when we do we will let you guys know and we'll let you know when we're starting to invite people into the program.[1]Margaret Krohn

  • The Content Creator Program is meant for those who make a podcast, fansite, video channel, or live stream channel.[2]
  • Criticism is allowed, especially with constructive reasoning.[3]
  • From the teams perspective, the primary focus of the official content creator is to help provide information about the project of Ashes of Creation, to the general public and encourage constructive feedback/engagement from their audiences on the games development.[3]
  • Intrepid is looking for consistent and quality filled content.[4]
  • Follower Count is not factored for being accepted into the program.[4] [5]
  • To apply for Content Creator, you must have already made content.[6]
    • Existing content does not have to be Ashes of Creation related, but must be regular and of sufficient quality.[7]
    • Written content counts as content creation.[7]
  • You may apply for Content Creator, regardless of whatever region you are in.[8]
  • Content Creator Program applications will be responded to at the email tied to their Intrepid account.[9]
  • All applications will receive a response, if rejected Intrepid will let you know why and make suggestions to improve the application.[10]
  • There are no future plans to close the Content Creator Program, or the ability to apply for it. The ability to apply may go down temporarily in the future to transition from google application forms to official website applications.[11]
  • The form to apply for the position of a Content Creator is linked below.

Content Creator Program Benefits

  • Intrepid Studios will help promote your content on official channels.[2]
  • Customized referral codes.[2]
  • Subscription time.[2]
  • Giveaway bundles to give out to your community (primarily for after release; no pay to win items - only cosmetic or merch-related).[2]
  • Flagged as a Content Creator on Discord and Forums.[2]
  • Access to private Content Creator Program Discord and Forums.[2]
  • Access to all private NDA testing and public testing phases.[2]
  • Access to developers for exclusive interviews.[2]
  • Access to an annual Town Hall Event - a meeting with the development team to talk about the future of Ashes of Creation.[2]
  • Access to high resolution images from Intrepid's updates to use in content creation.[2]
  • Asset assistance - Overlays, social media graphics, emotes, etc.[2]
  • Equipment - Ashes of Creation-themed package with shirts, water bottle, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headset, mic, etc.[2]
  • And more.[2]

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