Corporal Cuhlum

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Corporal Cuhlum is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • Hello there.
    • [PROMPT] I've got a crate of arrows for you sir. (Completes Quest
      • Oh, thank the Gods! Now we can really start pushing these beasts back. Every night they get louder and more daring it seems. You staying to help for a bit?
        • [PROMPT] Sure, I can help.
          • Well you just missed them, but I sent privates Tarston and Zemez out to the cave late yesterday. If you hurry you might catch up to them before they go in for a surveying mission. I'm sure they'd be happy to have a third.
            • [PROMPT] Could you not send more?
            • [PROMPT] What cave do you speak of?
              • Oh, you can almost make it out through the haze. Just continue down the road you came in on. Reports say there's an offshoot trail leading up to the mouth of the cave.
                • [PROMPT] Okay I'll hurry and maybe I can catch them. (Accept Quest
                  • Good luck out there, and thanks for the arrows.
                    • [PROMPT] Bye. (Leave)
                • [PROMPT] I can't right now sorry. (Leave)
        • [PROMPT] Perhaps later. (Leave)
      • [PROMPT] Is there anything I can help with?


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