Archscholar Denari

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Archscholar Denari is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • May your paths stay true and strong.
    • [PROMPT] Are you still recruiting expedition members?
      • Indeed. You're keen on joining us on our little field trip?
        • [PROMPT] Yes.
          • Of course you do. But before we embark, there is an urgent matter at hand that could use your assistance.
            • [PROMPT] What's the problem?
              • The word is, many skilled scholars have gone missing. The Final Light Academy cannot accept that our members have discontinued contact with their mentors for no apparent reason.
                • [PROMPT] Any clues as to their whereabouts?
                • [PROMPT] What is the topic of their research?
                  • Unknown. We know very little about their estranged academic circles, but that is a good idea and what likely links these cases together.
                    • [PROMPT] Any clues as to their whereabouts?
                      • All we know is that there is no coincidence about their simultaneous loss of communication, and that we are in desperate need of better intel.
                    • [PROMPT] I understand that this is an urgent matter. I will get on it right away. (Progresses Quest)
                      • Please keep us informed. The last thing we need is another missing scholar.
                        • [PROMPT] I'll return soon (Leave)
                    • [PROMPT] I'll return later. (Leave)
        • [PROMPT] No. (Leave)
    • [PROMPT] Yours as well. (Leave)


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