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Ashes of Creation Wiki is currently being translated into multiple languages. This is a brief guide on how to translate articles.

  • Please provide suggestions and feedback on your experiences with translation here.
  • If you are interested in helping to translate this wiki or wish to know more, please contact Lex.

Translating at the template level

Wiki structure


Ashes of Creation Wiki uses templates to house small blocks of information, as illustrated above. These templates are then assembled in the content pages to form articles. This template-oriented structure provides an ideal framework for adding in translation. Most articles and templates are in English, as this is the base language of this wiki.




{{Node benefits}}

== Zone of influence ==

{{Zone of influence}}

== Node advancement ==

{{Node advancement}}

=== Trophy park ===

{{Trophy park}}

Wiki structure with translation


Adding language variations of each template is straightforward. Simply append a language code to the end of the title then add in the translation to the new template. For example:

  1. Template:Fréttinga services is the original English language template.
  2. Template:Fréttinga services/de is its German language translation.

Note: Please set your wiki language to English while you are creating template and article translations.


We have created a demo article called Fréttinga to illustrate how this extension works.

  • View the Fréttinga article in German (note your browser may auto translate this back to your native language).
  • View the Fréttinga article in an unsuppored language (this should default to English).


Template:Fréttinga about/de

[[Fréttinga/de]] ist eine kleine Gemeinde in MungoLand, auf der BaMungo Insel.

Translating articles

Article translation is supported in a similar manner to templates.


The goal is to minimize the amount of text at the article level; and to focus the bulk of translation work at the template level.

  • Ideally the only text present at the article level should be headings. This will minimize the amount of translation required.

Note: Please set your wiki language to English while you are creating template and article translations.



{{Fréttinga about/de}}

== Dienstleistungen ==

{{Fréttinga services/de}}

Translating article titles

Article titles in the wiki are inferred from the page's name. This means that, by default, a page's title will remain in the language of the link that it originated from. This can be overcome via the use of redirects.


  1. Create a redirect: Fréttinga services/de
    #REDIRECT[[Fréttinga dienstleistungen]]
  2. Create the page with the correct title: Fréttinga dienstleistungen
    {{Fréttinga services/de}}

How the extension works

The extension automatically identifies the user's language in one of the following ways.

  • The user's preferences page (if they have a wiki account).
  • From the user clicking on the language selector at the top of the page.
  • By manually adding uselang=LANGCODE to a page's URL, for example: Fréttinga?uselang=de

Once a language is known, the extension will automatically locate the correct article and templates for that language.

  • If the article or templates don't exist for that language, they will fall back to a compatible language.
  • If the fallback language can't be found, the extension will default to English, which is the base language of the wiki.

Language selection happens at the lowest level: If every template exists for the user's language except one, then only that missing template will fall back.

Sidebar translation

The Mediawiki:sidebar (left-hand menu) is able to be translated in a similar manner as described above. Each element on the sidebar has a url reference and a text reference.

  • navigation
    • mainpage|mainpage-description
    • development-url|development
    • engagingandimmersivestory-url|engagingandimmersivestory
    • reactiveworld-url|reactiveworld
    • playerinteraction-url|playerinteraction
    • playeragency-url|playeragency
    • riskvsreward-url|riskvsreward
    • recentartwork-url|recentartwork
    • recentmedia-url|recentmedia
    • recentchanges-url|recentchanges
    • randompage-url|randompage
    • help-url|help

The format of the navigation section is as follows:


These refer to messages in the Mediawiki: namespace.

  • The left-hand side before the '|' refers to the link's url.
  • The right-hand side after the '|' refers to the text that appears on the sidebar link.

To create a translation of these elements, simply create a page in the Mediawiki: namespace with the appropriate language code. For example:

Nodes, Economy
Knoten, Wirtschaft

Image overlay text

The extension enables text overlays to assist with translating images that contain text.

  • Enable this mode by adding the class=overlay parameter to the image (see example below).
  • The specified caption text will then be overlayed over the image itself.
  • This will only work with frameless images that are left, center or right aligned.


Рейды, Гильдии, Боевая Система
Рейды, Гильдии, Боевая Система


[[File:DungeonsRaidsMonsterCoinsGeneric.png|right|500px|link=Player interaction|class=overlay|Рейды, Гильдии, Боевая Система]]

Known issues

Translation status messages.
Changes to the base template do not currently flag the language variants as requiring updates.
Status: Work-in-progress (high priority).