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Players will be able to lock a freehold.[1]

  • Freeholds will have access lists.
  • Co-ownership is planned but may not initially be in the game.
    • Access lists can be used to mimic co-ownership.
    • Payment of taxes may be via a "gentleman's agreement".[2]

Players cannot steal from a Freehold under normal circumstances.[3]

  • Items stored in a Freehold may become lootable after a successful siege against their parent Node.

Players cannot be killed by other players while inside (the footprint of)[4] their freehold.[5]

  • NPC guards that permanently exist on a freehold are not a planned feature.[5]
  • Guards may be available for hire to defend freeholds after a successful node siege.[6]
Q: We were discussing in chat earlier about freeholds and whether or not a person would be safe in their home or within the entirety of their freehold from getting player killed?
A: I think our initial testing is going to revolve around the footprint of their freehold and then we'll take into consideration the metrics gleaned from that testing.[4]Steven Sharif
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