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welcome everyone to our first look at the Ashes of Creation character customization and creator character customization creator ccc yeah i know we get to see the vec look at him in the model forum super excited well we're happy that you're joining us and taking a look at this uh first look at our character creator we have an awesome crew with us actually here today um some representation from the character team with our lead character artist mr chris atkins how you doing buddy i'm doing great good to see the vec in there i know it's your your creations are coming to life your team's creations are coming to life it's so cool to see and then we also have some of the brains behind uh creating all the cool customization options that we have available to us in this creator uh two of our engineers mr clayton stamper and mr zachary malott how you doing buddy hello hello hey uh clayton here very excited to have you guys and then of course this wouldn't be a stream without our amazing and glorious uh community marketing lead mrs or miss margaret crone not misses yet i know not yet soon exciting i'm very excited yeah and i know of course um for those of you who are tuning in on the stream and who are seeing this for the first time on the stream we just uh we just cut to this video but for those of you who are tuning in on youtube um you know as you're watching these customization options please feel free to leave comments let us know your thoughts join in on our discussions on our forums on twitter on all the places so that we can get your guys's feedback because that's why we showcase this stuff in development is to get everyone's feedback so i'm excited to take a look at this character creator with our glorious community this guy is looking pretty cool i'm loving the model and it really stayed true to the concept yeah i mean manny's such a great artist and you know i think that's why we picked him up is because he had such a strong sense of like overall silhouette and style and so yeah you can see his work right here and then you know a little more realistic direction for textures and yeah yeah i think he's i think he's looking pretty good into what you envisioned i i hope anyway oh yeah no he's he's looking great i mean this is one of my favorite races actually in our in our with our different cultures right because it's so different than what i'm accustomed to seeing from a character race standpoint like most player character races don't look like these guys and this isn't even in their actual like animated stance that they're intending to have that more crouched look right that hasn't been implemented yet but just the model itself is is really cool yeah it's just them sharing right now kind of with the klar and and same from a technical standpoint they shared sort of the same geometry and uvs so we're trying to make things you know pretty efficient and intelligently as we go along i like the tusks the tusks were such a great touch oh yeah no they're great and again manny's concepts are awesome he does stick right to him you know once we get something approved he nails it have you guys ever played oh go ahead go ahead i was gonna say the community definitely has opinions on the tusks and you know being able to customize them or oh yeah i know some people have asked about removing them completely uh things like that right or yeah drilling them down like significantly to the point where they're barely noticeable right of course some people want the massive yes you know exactly okay so one of the cool things about um this demonstration today again wanna preface this is a first pass on our actual character creator clayton and zach have done a an incredible amount of work along with a lot of other people who have participated in making our character creator but from a functionality standpoint um what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at all the different customization options that are presently available then we're going to talk a little bit about the customization options that have yet to be implemented but are still on um on our course on our on our feature road map right um and to do that we're actually gonna i'd also like to preface that the ui is not final this is still very very early so keep that in mind all the prefaces all the preface all the work in progress prefaces you guys our core audience who have been following development of ashes creation you know this um you see our monthly updates as we show you you know ongoing progress um but that's really part of the fun right you're seeing a a massive massive mmorpg being made in real time with regular updates on the monthly um showing you guys our movement from where we were to where we're going and every step in between and that's part of the fun but in order to show off some of these customization options the vec aren't quite there yet with uh being able to be customized yet in the character creator we can randomize it but actually let's go over to the klar oh i love that effects did such a great job with those effects um so when you switch over obviously you see the kind of you burn away that's uh part of the lore and ashes uh it also is something that you see in death you know if you played the game you kind of have seen as your character dies you turn into these pile of ash but this guy's looking pretty cool what is he he's like almost looks like a viking yeah like a viking cleric or something i love the detail on his face yeah it's been really fun to make these guys and yeah i mean you can start to see kind of you know some of the imperfections that you're able to add and everything else i mean i'll let you keep getting into it but yeah no it's it's looking to be working yeah clayton i know uh and zach i know you guys have put a lot of work into showcasing some of this scarring here and being able to like manipulate that scarring we're going to talk a little bit about that yeah so i i i tend to focus on the art side of it um i work with the artists pretty closely and i do some shader programming so i did a lot of the behind the scenes that's driving the appearance of the scars um and uh atkins uh chris atkins did a really good job uh getting us the assets that bring it all to life the loincloth the loincloth yes yeah we had a little underwear thing going on oh yeah get us some loincloth chris where's the or uh maybe this should be better for uh yeah for chris where's the physics on this i would like when i twirl that the loincloth flares up you know it does have it i'm not sure if it's enabled right now it does it will flap i promise accidental uh flashing of people wait i need to check something is for that particular loin cloth is their customization options let me see where would that be oh what is this [Music] [Laughter] what is this is that you wanted full customization that is that's been a question that the community has asked for some time actually whether or not we're going to have certain sliders uh i guess this is a little showcase of what's to come in the future with being able to manipulate aspects of the of the character including chest crest crotch i don't know about the name crotch that could be grant selection oh yeah that's true grat and kobe and tim uh worked on the ui side of this for our character creator and that was it's that definitely sounds to me like a grand selection and the wording there um but yeah i like that he went nice nice and casual with the booty though he was like bottom bottom bottom yeah that's that's a fair that's i'm okay with that one i just don't know about the crotch one i know i know but i just i think it's funny that he went crotch but then for butt he went butt up bottom so now some of these um options so we're talking like body type in here we can adjust height and weight um you can make them a little bit you know thicker looking right and of course there's going to be sizes here that we're going to kind of adhere to based on the race right we obviously we incorporate some limitations on that right yeah we're definitely going to be doing that i think clayton can speak more to that oops plate are we losing there we lost him well so so the the weight entitlement system for how those inputs affect the bones is actually something that zach worked on more oh nice yeah it's a bone by bone basis on a per race and per gender basis so so now people who don't know what they should bonus zach can you tell them a little bit about what a bone is [Music] uh so uh bones uh it's pretty much you can visualize it just like you would visualize a bone in a skeleton but really what it is it's just a transform in space that describes how each vertex should be transformed if that bone is also transformed so whenever the bone in the arm moves all the vertices that are uh skinned or weighted to that bone will move the same way that that bone does in a proportion to the weight with that bone in that vertex ah so if you scale it up it makes all the vertices around it scale up and one thing that chris does very frequently is he'll go in and like touch up the skin weight so that the vertices scale kind of how we want them to because like originally we had kind of like a blockier look with the weight but he went in and like uh really tweaked that and got got something that looks pretty good for the larger weights too oh very cool yeah and i think it's a combination of that and what you and zach are doing under the hood because you guys are kind of averaging in between all these bones too to make smooth transitions which really makes my job easier as well i'm just going to play around while kind of you guys talk about all this fun stuff yeah and it's also um super awesome that we get to do all these manipulations and get a really wide variation of body types and faces and characters just from like one standard mesh you know um yeah a lot of times some character creators they just swap it out and different meshes you know but we're really like manipulating and molding and sculpting a single mesh that can achieve like a really wide array of results and he was showing some of the wrinkles and the textures on the face i know you guys have are really excited about like the detail system i don't know if you want to talk a little bit more about that i'm pretty excited about the detail system right now we're just using it for wrinkles but that's a system for pretty much blending any texture detail holistically over the entire body of a character so whether that's like scales on the renkai or uh doing like the you saw that the vec has like starvation over their body you could blend in like different starvation patterns and we could even use it for like body hair sliders for the dwarves and yeah all sorts of things for something as crazy as the tolnar once we mean like armpit hair yeah i keep forgetting about that body here how do you feel catkins about making holes for armpit hair and all the armor yeah this is gonna be quite the authoring hey i guess we have to figure out horns anyway so why not right true true fair fair yeah i love the hair customization you're on right now oh i do too i love it yeah i really haven't seen that actually very much in many character creators it would be cool that over time when you're in game you have to get a haircut because your hair grows out especially with like all the combinations of your cheeks like hair your chin hair your lip hair i i like the difference yeah the the different um options that you can kind of touch on right look at the look at the variance and just the lip length like yeah that is that is pretty cool because in a lot of other character creators that many of us probably have experience with right these are presets that you choose you don't really get to manipulate the preset itself like i would choose this super long length you know muster the short one or the short one and i wouldn't have the variance in between that i could customize that's pretty cool yeah i mean this is an impressive feat of engineering by the team i mean they've really done some awesome stuff and they've really worked out a ton of the extra parts of the character pipeline that we didn't quite have nailed down yet and and these guys have really flushed everything out and it's yeah it's really cool to see i mean i think we all get mesmerized by this thing every time we play with it and we've been talking about letting people customize each eye separately i know because that's gonna be a question that comes up too but right now we don't have that feature in yeah there's still so much more left to do having one blind looking eye would be sick absolutely or different colors uh 100 yeah in tandem with the scars you know you put a scar over that eye and then sort of make it milky i also like that you can adjust the uh fingernail colors as well i want to rotate them you'll have to up the strength of the yeah yeah because you're transparent yeah i was telling steven i want to be able to put like the tattoos on my nails to make nail art so if you zoom out you'll see his toenails too yeah oh that's so cool that is so cool love that let me see if there's some other other presets we can play with now you put it this guy needs like a trifold hat oh yeah for sure it looks like a musketeer i'm very piratey yeah let me see here let me go to some other presets oh there we go this one's like one of my favorites too because i love the hairstyle it's cool yeah it's really good on that yeah the hairstyles are awesome uh jinzy as everyone knows is a favorite i think of the community but yeah she's been leading a ton of the charge on the hair eye customization stuff while i've been dealing with more of the body now let's talk about these so this is in the appearance section right this is mainly like adjusting attachments to the character but when we talk about the model itself and we move into things like being able to sculpt sections of the face this is such a cool yeah these are areas that we can actually touch up on so when i grab this and i pull it in a direction right it starts customizing different segments of the body uh zach you worked on this yes yeah clayton and i attacked teamed on this one um we really wanted to give players that feeling that they were grabbing and pulling and sculpting their own character especially with like more minute details i mean it would have been easy to give character like players like 100 sliders you know but it's it feels better to have a much more tactile response than like clicking and dragging dragging and pulling all these like uh points around i appreciate that i can have the the flat filipino nose yeah i mean again not every game allows it so yeah so i i remember zach mentioned uh how much variation we achieve through the customization features a lot of that is achieved through what steven is playing with right now with these dots that are appearing and the reason why those are dots instead of the little plates that you see highlighted on the character is because these are actually changing the shape of the character's features all together very more micro level adjustment tool yeah plates are used for moving things around and it sort of maps exactly to your input and that's why that pick map or the the plates feel so nice then you can click on those dots and drag those around and actually change the shape of a feature altogether [Music] you can go from some intense eyebrow cheeks and make like make a make them bigger smaller change the location and then you can go in and refine the actual shape of it using those thoughts yeah this is this is phenomenal sorry chris go ahead no i'm just saying they've really spent a lot of time i think sort of getting the feel right you know we've all been playing with it till it felt kind of intuitive or kind of easy to use and friendly yeah that's i mean watching the progress over just even the last three weeks has been unbelievable you know i'm i'm excited to see the backlog of features that are going to be incorporated as you know we move forward with the character creator beyond alpha 2 um but if you guys you know are like i said our core audience that kind of watches our development just from alpha one to alpha two this is an entirely different thing right alpha one was was something where you know we had a number of preset options that were very limited there was there was little to no manipulation that was possible at all and this is a fully fledged first pass in alpha pass but nonetheless still is something i don't see every day in games that i play or in mmos particularly right um and that's really cool to see uh one of the other things that's interesting about this and you know a lot of people sometimes beg the question you know you only spend so much time in a character creator right like that's your initial experience a lot of people when they're trying to get into the game and and uh level up as quickly as possible from a competitive competitive standpoint like they don't spend a lot of time in character but the cool thing about this character creator is that it's not just intended for your character right it has application with npc's that you might hire that our design team might leverage this tekken in order to create you know marquee characters um uh it also has some application outside of just uh humanoids right um zach or clayton you guys want to talk about that a little bit yeah i mean so we're gonna use similar tech uh for implementing things like animal husbandry or even just for creating creatures i have some tasks slated for myself to implement something similar to what i did for characters but for creatures and yeah tooling is a big focus for us and making sure that designers have everything that they need to build the game with a lot of variation in the content yeah we spent a lot of time just working out the tech for this so it'd be nice to use this tech in other areas of the game when it's applicable whether that's the husbandry system or any more customization points we give players in the future i would also like to add that we are not sacrificing a lot of runtime computational efficiency for this we are uh making sure that optimization is always at the forefront of these decisions i i was doing a lot of the optimizations that we shared a while back with uh the simulated siege with a thousand characters and with just the early rendering test 1000 characters and this is using a lot of the or in a lot of these features implemented with the same tech for merging the mesh and merging the materials and batching that data for the gpu so that it can just crunch it all out at once so the first uh couple weeks was just spent making sure that this is viable for an mmo because you really don't see this type of large scale and this detail of characters uh with this level of customization in any game regardless of a large-scale mmo so we had to do a large amount of due diligence and tech to make sure that it can actually work yeah i think that if you look at how like the facial hair we broke that into slots like that's an obvious example where we're achieving a lot of variation by breaking those into components that you can select individually and build your own combinations where it's not possible for a lot of other games because we're combining those meshes and combining those materials with our udom slot pooling solution and to steven's point earlier you know when we had our sort of very limited character creator you know in our previous versions this really is i mean you're able to do sort of what my job is which was i was just making variants of characters to sort of put in you know and now that players can can do it it's just really cool to see come together the tattoos you should show that you can change the color too oh yeah because i think you're showing the tattoos which is cool but tiny ux features which is just being able to click on a tattoo and drag it anywhere on the body it's such like a good feeling experience that a lot of character creators you click it and it's just there and then you're changing it on a slider in the ui you know being able to like manipulate it on the character it just feels really good i agree this does feel good yeah i mean it's the benefit of having so many gamers as developers right you guys know what feels good and what you'd like to see and then actually implement it and another one of our core tenants is reusability of these tech features and you can see that we have scars and tattoos available in this decal system a lot of those are using the same technology to drive it and a lot of the details that you'll be able to place on the character we're reusing the technical features that we've solved to implement more features for you yeah most of the hard hard work is done in regards to tech yeah sorry i'm just trying to find like a nice little place for the scorpion teardrop the scorpion teardrop scorpion teardrop that's what i'm talking about okay it's cool that that's pretty cool i love that i love it all right let's talk about a little bit um let me see here play with the scars oh the scars yeah let me play with the scars he did he was messing around with it earlier when you guys were nerding out [Music] oh yeah talk to me a little bit about the scars clayton because i know you did a lot of work on that front with chris yeah yeah so i it's using mostly the same system as the tattoos but it's using a little bit more texture detail um and yeah it still uses the same direct manipulation and the scaling and rotation whenever you selected it highlights it for you so you know which one you're manipulating but basically it's just uh adding some bump detail and some like roughness and metallic and it has all this information that chris worked really hard on uh to show three-dimensional uh information on the character and you can sort of just place that wherever yeah it's always a fun process to working with clayton and zach because they're great at giving feedback and they're great at explaining exactly what they need they're like hey could you just make a couple adjustments to this map or this input and then we end up getting pretty much where i think everyone wants us to be with these especially when it came to uh i think you reworking a lot of the color clayton and getting that into them yeah uh basically there's like a flat color which is basically just a multiplication of the base skins color so we really try to make sure that the scars look and tattoos look good on every skin color that was a focus for us uh and it so it takes a base color and like multiplies it but then you also have a discoloration value that you can add to make it look a little bit more fresh or a little bit you know more aggressive yeah i love the um kind of wrinkle setting too really aging these characters yeah and i i will be adding um a lot more muscular detail as well so we will be able to control that so that you can kind of make your gun more i want my if you'd like my one pack chris yeah no we can do it you can get to the one pack also the one pack that's awesome the keg your fantasy maggie of course you know oh you know dwarf action i need need to look like i drink all the ale so have you shown off the hair color controls yet i have not yet bring it down a little bit sorry i was just being entranced by all the options and playing things trying to get people to just see the versatility um all right let's go to the hair color options where are we going here the head head yes hair i love it i worked pretty hard on that one with uh ginsee and um so with you and the rest of the team giving a lot of helpful feedback yeah but yeah you can pick two different colors and then it'll pretty much every hair color uses the accent in the fill differently but usually the fill is the root color and the accent is the tip color and you can adjust the gradient both the softness of the gradient and the offset of the gradient to really blend those colors however you want across the entire hairstyle yeah and jincy has a very scrutinizing eye so i know it's not easy clayton she kept coming back but like it needs more sheen here but yeah it's she's great to have leading this up too for all this hair tech let's see so this is now on the top though let me go to the beard and play with the beard one so accent and filler so i'm gonna throw a little bit of white in there oh that's a lot of white bit of salt and pepper a little salt and pepper look at that gradient too i like the highlighting though it looks cool yeah and we can control that through sort of different uv manipulation and get that salt and peppery mix in there let me actually turn off the hair and just do the beard and so i'm playing with this gradient to kind of determine the strength of that highlight right yeah so the contrast is sort of the the strength of uh that the differentiation between those two colors and the gradient will shift it along the hair i mean i could spend all day in this character i feel like that's how most people feel and the beauty of it is that you can save your character and we already have some of those features available and load them right and in the future we want we want people to be able to share those characters uh amongst each other for sure and not only that but you can save them for like we were talking about earlier like future npcs that you might hire on your freehold um and have those npcs look a certain way um i think that'd be really freaking cool that would be cool yeah very cool yeah i was even talking with the designers about integrating the character creator into the quest designer tool so that they can just create npcs with the click of a few buttons and have that already assigned to the quest and data all right i want to show off a sculpt tool can we use like a is there a preset that we have available let me see oh wait we did this i want to show the blend yeah okay so we're going to body um let's see yeah we did this guy a little bit um this guy looks pretty cool [Music] yeah that's pretty cool oh my god wait a minute i know i know that guy oh my god i forgot about this guy we were playing with the uh the functionality and how we could get um how granular we can get in the customization options to create you know different personalities out there you know it's gonna like backfire on you stephen there's gonna be ton of you and a ton of people making you in game no no no this actually looks great i hope hopefully excuse me hopefully asman likes likes this little rendition of it right it looks cool it does look cool it's kind of creepy how realistic it is too all right let's talk about blending so explain to me a little bit about the blending mechanic yeah so blending is a little bit more um it's not so in-depth especially for those players i don't want to spend you know time adjusting each angle of like the ear tip this is more of a large scale macro tool that you can select a couple you know presets and then you can get certain features from one preset or different features from a another preset so you place down your your presets and then you can click and drag and morph between those different presets oh yeah look at that that's pretty cool yeah i'm i'm impressed with how many options and ways you've given the player to mess with this character oh this would be cool for like a family so when you're creating npcs and you want them all to be similar like you make a mom and dad and then it'd be interesting yeah so you're taking features from each preset and you're making something completely new out of it oh that's looking great so weird it's freaking awesome i love this so you can add as many as you want and kind of pull between them huh not as many as you want i think there's a max at some point oh yeah for ui purposes too far apart stephen that's so cool it does give me the uh yeah it gives me hope for the system i will not name but that'll i'm the only one that's terrified of that one that catkins is having like nightmares about no we love her about animals oh i'm excited for that there you go that's looking good i mean it's looking yeah that's the right one it's looking like something i guess it's nice so you can make your guy like haggard for certain days of the week wait what this is mondays examines your character differently yeah for each day like a monday he looks like he's judging you no i i know what we can do here okay what can we do oh my god i'm scared zach said this is a fantasy game oh my god hold on let's go back to the back to the beginning and let's see what what it could have been hold on let me see real quick but it could have been what do you mean you know just steve what hold on and bring this all in tune i gotta get the hair into there we go all right let's take a look at our options now the length oh wow look at that i like the length that's not too bad that's not too bad oh okay that's a lot of hair it's really heavy on the hair front this is interesting this is like a bro version oh yeah i kind of like that i like that too yeah that's pretty interesting now let me go ahead and go back to the blend oh no actually the sculpt and let me adjust the eyes real quick no no no okay that's better like that yeah that's pretty good yeah yeah were we talking about clayton no negative results yeah that's right we're talking about so yeah that is one of our coordinates this is one of our core tenants that we want to make sure that the the user is always getting positive results with whatever they're customizing of course you can go crazy with it and try to make it look as goofy as possible but i definitely know monster factories no no moss factories i mean you could do some monster factories like with the tattoo put the scarring like on the eye yeah we can just grab the scarring and put that over the eye oh there we go let me manipulate this now wait for it i think i can make it super crazy large and like pull it down oh now that looks kind of creepy that doesn't look like it's slashed by like an axe or something you might have lost that fight i know i did lose that fight now we can adjust in the eyes hold on go back to the eyes and put this like weird film over it and make it maybe a little bit more sick yeah like a mage hit him with a fireball in the face or something yes and then oracle vibes we can take the pigmentation here make it a little bit a little uh hold on let me see now he's starting to look a little creepy right that doesn't look too bad oh that's scary i like that i wouldn't mess with that guy no he seems creepy give him some more wrinkles so now something interesting is that you know unreal obviously is a phenomenal engine epic is such a such a great company with you know the amount of resources that they pour in really to helping um you know out of the box this there being options for developers to use but at intrepid we really like you know creating the functionality ourselves i know that there's some some other character creators out there that people probably have seen with unreal engine one of which is what what's it called meta human i think meta human yeah yeah and yeah makes awesome characters but um yeah we we built all of this tech in-house uh yeah zach and i worked pretty yeah we wanted a solution that was tailored for the experience that we want to give players and especially the tech we needed to support it yeah especially for an mmo right because that that those technical requirements those those limitations are very specific to a per project basis almost 100 if we want to render as many characters as we want to in large scale battles we have to yeah well you guys did a phenomenal job and yeah everyone and even the people who are not here in this call like right that's what i was about to say like great job this was a wide-ranging um effort by not just clayton zack and and chris but with ginsee and brian gans and tristan and uh jim and the effects side um especially benoit a very important role of course through any development as a production team and benoit did an awesome job organizing um organizing a lot of it um we're falling apart without him for one day he's great for morale too because we'll be in the meetings and he's like i'm sorry i was mesmerized by the screen also let's not forget stephen oh of course stephen was here with us through this entire process he was guiding the entire thing giving us tasks on how to make this better and also is the driving force it was crazy enough to hear my pitch on what i wanted to make for the character creator and actually give me the responsibility to make it happen well you guys have done a phenomenal job and and i hope that out there in the community you know you you guys are seeing the quality right um that we're striving for in Ashes of Creation you're seeing that continual improvement the development on going on a monthly basis right now on our march towards alpha 2 and you guys are going to have an opportunity to play with this character creator to find the bugs in this character creator uh there's going to be additional functionality that we're going to discuss probably back on stream when we get there um that wasn't included as part of this first offering of this work in progress but is is the intent that we have for for this particular area of the game that we want to showcase eventually um so you know we're really just excited to see this this game come to life and to see you guys you know react to the hard work that our developers are putting into it and that that's exciting for me and i know it's exciting for you guys too um margaret is there anything else or guys doing let's show the randomization and also maybe the vec randomization so we can show maybe some more of those like uh sure tusk options and stuff but yeah i think that you know you said a lot of what i would resonate as well everyone worked really hard did an amazing job i mean look at this this is phenomenal um and there's more to come in regards to i know there's going to be a lot of questions about the other races and the different differences between them in character creation as well as you know the sexes we'll we'll be showcasing more of that like as we progress in our development so stay tuned oh the textures here are taking a little bit huh oh there we go perfect now this guy's uh this guy's a chunky vec little chalkiness here he's got a little song going on let me see zoom in on some of the face here if you go to the parents tab it'll uh [Music] be a little easier for the yeah there we randomization cool to see the tusks change whenever you hit randomize yeah i love that so much since he did really good on the test customization with a lot of variation yeah and that's something we'll make sure to bring into the other creature races as well yeah it looks great i think one thing that's really cool about uh doing the races and the features that we've done so far for the character creator is that it paves the way for the cooler things that we're gonna be doing later yeah totally agree very excited you guys have done a phenomenal job and i know that i share the feelings of the community when we say that we are very excited for the future and what not just the character it brings but watching all the other features for alpha 2 start coming online it's pretty exciting awesome well we will see all of you back on stream and for those of you who are watching on youtube feel free to leave us comments as i said before we're always excited to read feedback from all of our followers all of the people who are excited for ashes oh my god look at that guy's face excited for Ashes of Creation we read that we internalize it and we we come back to the community with actions that represent those those feelings so thank you for joining us during this video and we will see you back on stream bye [Music]