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hello everybody everybody happy Halloween welcome to our regularly scheduled live stream we're pretty excited to be here with you guys today are we good on audio probably thread on audio Wow two in a row I know we should get through evening so we have a lot of stuff actually plan to talk about with you guys today but we also have I'm sorry I'm going to fix my hold on I'm fixing my mic I'm so sorry you know Stephen was supposed to have a cost for today I do have a costume he does have a costume I just it's not appropriate for streaming I'm sorry sorry about that guys hmm how about that is that scratchy still there are we good now we're good okay we're good now so we have a couple of videos to show you one is going to be an update on the world of vera yeah showing a little bit of progress that we have made in preparation for alpha zero this time which we've made a lot of progress made a lot of progress that he is gonna be pleased to see what you see it's pretty exciting actually running around and just looking at it all come together and how big it is and just the vastness of this one zone yeah it is actually pretty pretty fun it's exciting for us too because it's all kind of coming together get to kind of see the product sort of come come into this hole that we haven't had yet yes absolutely and then also we're going to show you guys the updates in the studio what people are working on the costumes that they came in today with we did that we shot this little video about an hour and a half ago it's a little dark because traditionally here in the studios artist likes they like the dungeon is what we hope yeah so actually why don't we why don't we start first with the studio tour and we will alright guys we are here on Halloween Day just a couple of hours before the stream is going to start we're at intrepid Studios with our amazing developers in costume sewing costumes some anodd we're gonna go past them and to see what they're working on in costume they have we're starting with Jeffrey bard I think I know what this is Jeff maybe are you I am what are you I am a ranger of the Masters of creation [Applause] you look very Assassin's Creed II as a ranger you think yeah looks good looks awesome very cool what are you working on doing some dialogue for the quests that we're going to be seeing in alpha zero okay show the tank very cool let's stand over here everybody we got Peter pallone Associate Producer here and what are you I'm des proxy your debts procs on my banhammer ah you know try to not act too entitled today powers when that happens very cool okay very nice what are you working on okay no that's cool very nice good costume I like it we're going over here to the Baconator himself let's see it oh my gosh we got pac-man's oh no oh my gosh Oh laughing okay we need the glasses finishing touch beautiful beautifully done oh yeah the sound effects are great I love it what are you working on and do you normally work with a picture of yourself at you pretty much yeah very cool very cool it looks good love it we got John over here how's it going buddy what do you dress up as today myself myself Thanks that's not that scary working on some mushrooms yep mushroom cheese oh these are the shroom forest in alpha zero one of the points of interest I love the the glow and the texture on that that's awesome very cool there it is in the world in the background all right very cool I think I saw Tristan putting that together in a video that we might have here pretty soon looking good very cool we've got David over here David what's your costume I am dressed as a game as a game developer wow that's a very good costume I like that what are you working on I'm working on implementing some of the animations for the combat one and it's sword and shield is our tank or heavy class carry very cool yeah it looks good very nice animating away over here on Halloween we have the cryptic Jason Crawford technical director here it is we can't show the screen oh can we can't show that screen right it's just very secret very keep it secret keep it safe we can look at it a little bit what are you working on I have working on our user interface library oh very nice making things this that sounds like a lot of fun it's a lot of work as is to be expected very cool a lot of fun Keith Kovac how's it going buddy would you dress up as today I dressed up as I made costume for my kid always nice that's a good time you're missing all the sweat though yeah like spray paint oh there you go very cool I love your background image there oh thanks it is absent yesterday so oh okay took liberties on my computer oh that's that's not bad at least it shows good pictures that's an amazing actor right there they did but what are you working on I'm working on the Elfa armor right now the robes okay sort of a work in progress very cool nice love the ropes very cool Tristan Snodgrass whoa Oh what is this what what is the costume oh no you're a bottle of sriracha indeed oh very nice very nice that's a staple here at Justin's desk actually yes yes you've actually become one yes you are with you what are you working on oh very nice yeah about an hour and a half away yep very cool and now these are this is gonna be all from the Alpha zero zone yep exactly I love that forest lots of stuff Oh a lot of things going on there very nice keep up the good work coming in how are you working oh there is oh my gosh one of the shortest lifespan characters now who are you I am Darth Maul Darth Maul Matt broom is Darth Maul loving it looks great very cool what are you working on I'm working on the Ranger Ranger look alright getting his armor model yep working on the level terrain level 10 very nice looking good Darth Maul keep it up don't die okay you can't breathe we've got Jeff Dehlia Hitler Bonjour Geoff Bowes you're almost fi Mon Ami hey boss everyone happy Halloween what are you working on I'm working on some or designs ooh org design humans and elves oh very nice in addition to some other weapons oh very cool yeah so who's gonna be available in alpha zero yeah and one of the weapons that people haven't seen yet in the game is the orb so that will be pretty cool yeah I should be a fun one especially when it's a glowing and casting all kinds of magical look a lot of fun very cool mr. Ryan Richman over here or spider-man himself oh man very cool costume very cool lighting the latest movie was the best one by far was how do we good we got going on over here very nice yeah very cool Ren CAI yeah that'll be exciting through these someday yeah we might show that today on stream later I saw the ones but I guess they're pretty good alright very cool mr. Javier parez how's it going buddy pretty good but we're working on working on the forest dungeon can we like oh wow yeah that is coming together holy moly Oh looks great you did a great job with that thanks man that is a giant dungeon yeah it is yeah very cool nice work that looks great good job a lot of fun uh-oh what are you are you another member of the mod team first I'm I'm sorry moaning yeah Wow oh man I like the badge let me see the badge very nice no we we keep the the discord streets clean oh wow because it doesn't get dirty in there there's a lot of post oh hey PG is that a [Laughter] discussion it's gotta stay on track on track Oh me and deaths proxy oh yeah between and we let everyone Wow Wow it's happening on population for the forest zone today all right very cool that another population in the Alpha zero zone absolutely making sure that there's lots of nasties for people to kill and quest to find and nature very cool interact with very cool it looks awesome all right we got to get we got to get the right perspective on this we've got Alex over here or should I say mr. Putin put on the ribs is this happening it's happened a full week day oh my gosh are you riding a bear are you shirtless riding a bear oh no this is incredibly pull it is that is that Melania Trump okay stop it yep ESRB rating not rated and there goes the Russian people we like to have fun here at intrepid what you working on Alex persistence nice alright very cool very nice and we are going back to Woodstock itself with mr. Kevin McPherson I love that costume I think that's probably my favorite yes I'm I came today as a classic liberal Oh No what is happening you trigger the entire audience Freda I just see Jeff over there is what is happening I was I was born in the late sixties so this is appropriate oh they're good very good very nice what are you working on working on my beats dance game snap game stats for MPC's today very good we can scale them by level nice very good that's very cool very cool I think we have a yin to the yang a Jedi himself over here keeping the balance and the force between Darth Maul and I've got a better lightsaber hood oh yeah your lightsaber actually works nice oh that is great hey where's your lightsaber at Matt my socks what happened to your lightsaber breaking that lightsaber looks a little limp that is great what are you working on a keel and working on abilities abilities nice okay very cool and good we have our newest addition to the team mr. mark Storch himself senior programmer and also stormtrooper by night oh he's giving super plants the resistance very cool now this is your second dagger actually it intrepid it is my second day all right way too much code you're working up very cool very cool very cool keep it up it's good we have Sam herself over here or should I say Melania Trump hello it's Melania doing some customer service Oh very cool very cool keep it up Melania we have got animator extraordinaire blue mr. Brad Constantine has been holidays everybody happy Halloween what are you working on we're making MMO combat great again oh my we're really running with it we're running with it this is brand new combat animations being worked on for the male Clara alright and if you follow that a little pal you can see that's the end of his weapon no very cool path that it's taking right there looking good yeah I got a couple of little genies on the feed I gotta fix it get some little Jimmy's going on love it yeah ready for action very cool very cool sand chocolate said swell last but not least those how's it going over here doing well princey working on some yeah my costume is shedding like crazy but I do have a stock photo oh okay at least you don't miss I'm gonna look out he's look at the pretty much look the same there's a chicken costume yes nice Lexy I like it you know I'm working on medium armor very cool yeah yeah just a little reef topology I mean I can't really keep up with all the political jargon yeah both of them unbelievable the best we got a lot of fun personalities here in the ER all right very good looks good thank you all right everybody that is an update here from intrepid on Halloween hope you guys enjoyed this little video we'll be back with you on the stream soon [Applause] mics are up hey guys hey guys you can see the things here in the studios are never scripted no no no scripts here bacon gives me and just walk around and whatever happens happens yeah yeah and then we give it to you guys no editing so as you can see we're having some fun here on Halloween you know it's still hard at work but having a little bit of fun with these costumes yeah it's gonna get Halloween being able to show you guys just an inside look at the studios and and and what we're doing here so as you can see we did actually show one of our newest two team members mark Storch who joined us yesterday's first day ya know we're totally start to have a senior program super talented guy yeah absolutely very talented long history 20-year engineer veteran yep has some pretty impressive background but um it's always good to get that extra programming yeah we're gonna keep keep runnin keep keep adding absolutely keep growing and speaking of which we actually have some interesting announcement that well that will be happening probably on our next stream with regards to our expansion and our expansion of the games expand right I don't know you know an expansion game but no actually our expansion studios bringing on additional team members going into our next hiring face moving building new things is pretty cool so a lot of interesting things going on we actually have a blog excuse me that will be coming out when is that coming out I think tomorrow and we'll hex it will have a little bit of a discussion will have a little bit of a preliminary discussion with that actually if one of the discord moderators could actually open a livestream channel set it to no I'm talking to you if you could open up a livestream channel and set it to slowmode 600 seconds guys if you have some questions at the end of the stream we'll go ahead and from there we have a threat as well that we have questions from the world answer but the topic of our blog for tomorrow is actually with regards to genetics social buildings absolutely taverns community centers billboards yep and and actually how those are usable both from a mechanical standpoint as well as a conceptual one just as a community in general yeah actually one of the things that we were talking about well actually maybe we should do the video first of the of the zone yeah we can do that let's do the role we know we'll do back-to-back videos let's do that let's go we'll do the zone video and now this is alpha zero one of the zones is a four kilometer by four kilometer zone it's fairly large it's huge guys it's pretty big and this is a work in progress early look at the environment in game so take it of course with that understanding and enjoy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it's okay we can still talk I think I get chills I see that I need to meds like I it's even though I see it every day when I see it all compiled together like that and presented in that way like I'm like oh man we are doing such cool like I you know what so anyways we're having a lot of fun I hope you guys enjoyed that video things are looking really good we're on schedule for our December 15th alpha0 you know the amount of talent that is on this team from the developer standpoint is absolutely monumental it is crazy from the artists to the engineers to the designers we have a rockstar team I think so I mean it's it's everyday we're proving it and every day is just a surprise for me and it's pretty pretty amazing a lot of fun so let's let's chat a little bit about the topic we were discussing before with regard specifically to bulletin boards I know that it's been a topic that's been asked by the community multiple times will there be a group finder will there be you know that type of thing Wow there is not a group finder in ashes of creation we've kind of gone that route of hey we want things to be localized we don't think things to be fast travel we want where you go to matter and you have the reason to go places right and we want groups to form kind of organically yeah right and based on what's happening around you absolutely so one of the mechanics for that is our bulletin board which you know not the official name of the system but that's essentially what it is it is a bulletin board that exists within a node within a town that's being developed and people can add jobs to that those jobs can be dungeon delving going on quests it can be gathering things a task oriented there's even story arcs that get walk through the bulletin board system that requires certain prerequisites that be met such as you know a mayor has to have a certain number of resources that's collected either through the tax system right or a certain building has to be built within the node and tasks for that organization has to be met in order to unlock the prerequisite for a certain quest right say for instance you have a Wizards Academy or thieves guild we've discussed in the past these these communities say that there's a presence within that node and there are certain task lists for them to meet and when they do that unlocks these paths that can be found at the bulletin board right and can be sponsored by certain individuals in the world so members of the community actually have a role to play when it comes to enabling communities to take part in these quests right and then also posting them - right like when you have a mayor who needs things for their node right and the mayor can divert some of their their resources that the node has to - a quest that allows you know help for the node stuff that the pneuma know might need they have a lot of extra going they don't have a lot of extra resources well the mayor can go ahead and add some quests to sort of get that going absolutely and another thing is how this relates to these these points of interest for community bonding and growth such as the tavern right many people go to meet and take part in like parlor games that we've had in our Kickstarter was one of our stretch goals there can also be quests that are found there right more organic quests more you know I heard a rumor about something and you know if you follow that rumor and pay attention to what the NPC's are saying you might find some things they're there they're intended to sort of recreate that sense of you know a bunch of adventurers hanging out in a tavern and then all of a sudden something happens to change things right and and something you know I was thinking about when we were discussing this a while ago was with regards to how we said people can be out in the wild they can be out exploring doing those things and they could find one-off quests right and they could be the only person that participates in that in the only way that people get to participate in that is if they were to visit a tavern necessarily you're a rumor about that guy exactly then you could gain a similar question related to that more that quest again and that could be a benefit for both parties as well right right yeah no that's true that's absolutely true the other thing with regards to parlor games I know that we go ahead we had mentioned that there would be traditional kind of dice and card parlor games there would be one-on-one parlor games there would be group parlor games yeah and then there would also be racially-based parlor games so like you know elves would have their own type humans their own type of game and there could even be parlor games that you find out in your adventures and be one of the only people that can initiate those and right now you find some historical game and you find the rule set for it and then you can bring that back to a tavern and yeah play with some some friends right which is a which is a pretty cool kind of feeling to have you know when you're interacting with people in the world just to have something that's unique to you yeah it's something that you discovered and and other people can participate in that as well yeah that's that's so much fun another thing that we were he's got a grin on this is bad news for me I can't hear I can hear okay let me preface this statement with this was not this this system is not in our roadmap necessarily it no it's just not nervous it's not it's something that that we would like to integrate if if possible if the time is there to do it but it is a battle map system right yeah and a battle maps in the system is something unique because you know all the time I've played mmo's you know I've never really had any interaction with the map other than it is just a map right right it's place for I've go and following customer exactly like if I need to go to quest right exactly nor does it play a role in strategy what's a traditionally maps were intended to play that rig right so we have a lot of Mechanics for CG and conflict in the game and the battle map system would kind of make that role more strategic again that map will more strategic again and one of the methods by which we would introduce that is let's say a guild or a city or whatever has that mayor or guild leader has access to either a city hall a battle strategy planning center or building that they've devoted resources to a guild hall something of that sort it would unlock the ability for that organization to utilize a battle map which they could use to plan their assault on whatever target that lies as an objective or there'd be a castle node something and a little miniatures on the board could move them up very early and by doing that they could grant strategic benefits to certain members of their raid and/or build during that the event that is planning your planning right right right so for example if you designate a team of strikers against the doors of a city or castle they would get you know some plus 50% damage against the door right right or if you designate a siege group us you know for siege weaponry they would be granted access to certain items right not only that that group would have and it would make it more tactical for the opponents the defenders know I was gonna go I was going to the defender side we're where we foresee this and being like yes the defenders get to do this too and they can counter those actions now this is a a a Symetra not an isometric but I'm about balance a blind fight right so if I put my defenders on the door and they put the attackers on the door well they cancel out nobody gets any bonuses but if if I don't anticipate that action by my my opponent then then that's when I get those bonus absolutely no it's just an another layer to the system of conflict that makes it much more engaging on the participants to actually plan and strategize and stick to a plan yes exactly which you know it kind of counters that that typical movement we see as MMO players where it becomes that quote-unquote Zerg right right instead here there's strategy involved and that strategy is very important because guild that like qualitative feeling of I'm actually planning what's going on instead of like you said this very festive right absolutely so keep in mind yeah that's an internal stretch goal yes and it's it's very very much up yeah we'd like to do believe yes so that is an internal stretch goal that we will see yeah what happens with but we're just letting lighting the fire we're always thinking of new stuff yeah and we always think everything is cool and we have a lot of fun here talking about this thing so let's get to some questions mm-hmm that are I guess we'll start with discord and then we also have some forum questions yes well right grab those we have a there okay I have no access to any pockets very well no pockets in that I do every utility about why it's got my my mic isn't that's a huge pocket okay wow you actually put it in there I did that's awesome okay there we go so we have a question from Russia when will we see the tone our concept art please do not say soon trademark please DM me all the leaks thank you soon copyright soon copyrights soon well done well done that is a true true true answer okay no I mean the answer for that is so right now I mean obviously for us when we're working with a pipeline and a a production schedule obviously we're doing so towards our next model and our next milestone is obviously alpha zero coming up December 15th we have ones that are after that successively and we want to make sure that production is moving towards those goals and right now the tone are you know admittedly is more towards the end of vehicles and they're still in flux tubes yes absolutely so I know it's not the answer you want to hear but I'm never afraid of giving you an answer you don't want to hear so so it's when I say would I say soon I mean probably and I don't want to give a number because you hold me to it but I probably should I say I would say around end of first quarter next year would be a good time to expect at least it with regards to yes a night concept I think that's fair yeah yeah okay next question from cohort KY and cohort trio and cohorts tug of war they all have the same question and the question is could you make the minimum characters for character name three we get this question a lot we do also in other games I died there's a reason for that I don't remember what the reason is but I don't I don't know I'll tell you what we can do we can look into that yeah we definitely will right and then we'll give you an answer on that when we find out why it's traditionally not yeah there's there's a reason but I don't remember exactly what that reason is I don't see why it would be necessary probably a lot of good three letter names yeah like right is it okay so so it's a question from M Nettie goat without confirming anything do you have any other conventions in your sights no for the future well I mean we had some in our sights we can answer the question we do have some on our side yes we actually have quite a few yeah like more than five but less than seven yeah [Laughter] we yeah so we can say that we will be we just confirmed our location in this convention we will be at PAX East we will be Pepsi's so hey guys can't wait to see absolutely I hear it's a really good time there yes that is in April right it's in the beginning of a believe so yeah Boston Boston's a good city we will be in Boston I cannot wait it'll be a lot of fun we're very excited and we had a great a great amount of fun at PAX West I cannot wait to be it the next one okay next one question from Lucca when will you be announcing the names of the 64 Ark types we answered that before it will be before alpha alpha zero which is December 15 yep okay question from let's do how about chicken mca what kind of siege equipment should we expect such as cannons ballistas magical magical so generally you will see magical as well as some mechanical but we will shy away from black-powder siege equipment yes so that would be ok how about this one zilch of the T dungeon will people lose their housing after a successful siege even if they are safe after after whoops I lost that one I don't know that's weird it like disappeared they don't jump you know it did jump me but then I lost it so I guess the question was will people lose their housing after a successful siege sorry bacon sorry I we lost that person I don't know where that is I don't know where that question sorry buddy oh okay so actually let's go you know what I forgot to do we forgot to announce I thought you were waiting yeah I thought this is part of the plan well let's go winners and then we'll come back to okay whitter is now in foreign person so we had a Halloween event that many of you know of it was a lot of fun for everyone here at the studios to kind of it was pretty cool yeah look at these these costumes the fan art the pumpkin the pumpkin zoom again the pump oh okay I have a little little admission to make on Sunday I tried to carve the pumpkin no it was not easy I I took some paper I wrote ashes of creation did a little portal thing I wetted the paper put it on the pumpkin I wrapped it in saran wrap started carving I got through the a and the a looked good I started on the S and half of my a broke and at that point I was so like dejected I was distraught right that I just like threw the pumpkin no I cut it all open oh wow that's violent it was pretty violent but I had like I don't know what it turned into but it was like a abstract kind of pumpkin I'm gonna move the position of my mic mine is literally floating in the air it's free for sorry I have a pin knocking mine and only guessing okay so we had a really awesome contest and we have some pretty talented we really do I imagine I mean I'm really it was it was so difficult to look through these and say like who's the winner yes they're all so good I've particularly liked the pet ones but everyone's really people like their pets and they went all out we had we have some winners though to announce yes mic issue is still there maybe it's like I don't okay now I can't tell who you are but testing one two three guys it wouldn't be a real scream that's true testing one two testing one two three hello oh it's my mic oh okay how about now am I still having snap crackle pops no okay maybe why did you talk about some of the winners that we we decided on I guess have feet in front of me which oh which category um let's start with the orchestra three than two than one that sounds good to than one give us one second okay Steve's off I'm off do we still hear scratch still scratching oh it's a 13-second away so bear with us guys it happened at the end of the stream and some of the beginning is it his is off completely mines fine yes so it is Steven the scratcher hey myk's myk's I'm so sorry the path the aura the aura around me it's just too powerful hey I feel the same way I come into the office I know my god Oh Stevens here okay we all sound good just had to reset so just had to reset I'll be holding my mic like this so we're good okay let's exactly oh my god okay okay we're gonna have a little chat a little fireside chat fireside chat so we had it we had a very fun time going through all of the contestants and we will show you so truly I am impressed with this that's great this it really is just about perfect I mean look at the tail the tail is the hardest part without a back is it it's mine we can't actually announce the winners no it's like there's some force preventing us yeah well who was this pumpkin I'd have to look no no it should say in the I know who this winner is it is isn't me is it you know you're not the one are you didn't do a pumpkin no I mean I know sweet you already have an alpha Q Peter okay the winner of this pumpkin is Joel near mule near me earlier yeah oh yeah you know there you did a great job with this pumpkin it is awesome let us show the next one a pumpkin submission by a user named emo which is just amazing I mean there's so much effort that goes into this that is crazy yeah that's some like a Gorger so yes I'm kind of Gordon a pumpkin like objects it's a gourd very very cool well done guys those are awesome you guys win the pumpkin contest mmm both of you guys getting out the keys it was really good let us show the pets next the pets from the costume ah there it is that is a silhouette of tall gnar which which is very cool it is by oh no I'm on hurts common hurts a lot of really great submissions they were all amazing man and Stevens just lost his live stream something really is preventing us from announcing these winners it's Halloween I'm telling you it is it's Halloween that's what it is there's spirits here from dead mmo's okay so that was I don't I don't I can't get connection hang on that is so crazy cluster a cluster of issues here let me bring it up here I'm so sorry guys I just ring there we go okay I got it on the iPad sweet oh no I don't it did an update we need your enhance it all right you promised them yeah do you have it on your live streaming to find it is it working I don't know why it's not working I'm sorry it's working okay hi Mac t'k hurts hi Mac took hurt well what that was pretty close well done came back to her that's awesome very cool what's the next pet we got we have another no there should be in the live stream there's one pet but there's three costumes oh really okay let's do the costumes then and this by the way guys all the winners will be announced in a thread right after the live stream as well so this is definitely Jeff's favorite this is my this is this is for the clever category I was particularly impressed by the ABS yeah Wow I can tell there's great I mean the helmets great too I mean it was made just for us there's a lot of love there really well and that's and that's from Hellyer Helier highly this one pretty dope oh well here we go we have the spookiest this is this is named what this is she'll be in there you know it's in there yeah from the yam very cool look at that that is great it's like real armor is that uh is that a Phoenix on the breastplate no it looks like well it looks really cool well done a yam the yam the yam all right what about the art the art we have two winners from the art this was a really cool image a lot of people voted for this one yeah a lot of people voted for it you have the portal in the background you've got the Phoenix and flames and you even have I think the graveyard from the kale our area right and that's from rich that's from rich very cool let me go hold on rich we have another winner this one's my favorite and this one I think got almost a unanimous top though yes this is very well done and just that detail be the ashes nosov its we just loved it very cool yep yeah very good job who is that from that is from RESP RESP well done Russ well done now we also have two short stories which are in the live stream and I should be at the bottom I think in live stream right honorable mentions two alluring and peaches Apple for your art that was also very good honorable mentions there's the short stories hold on we got that one oh okay and Meg's material and Meg's short story winners awesome job I believe one was from the perspective of a monster and the other one was about a dwarf I think I think so so go check those out we will have a thread with those winners and actually guys to be honest with you we were and we lost the television okay okay okay we're fine the spirits are coming out okay so guys we had such an awesome time checking out the submissions from our community and the absolute talent that is out there it is remarkable yeah so much effort and the effort yeah absolutely that we actually we decided that we're going to give alpha keys to all the submissions yeah yes yeah so so thanks for participating guys are what makes this community keep rolling and and we really appreciate it and when people participate I think everybody should should get an honorable mention absolutely a hundred percent you guys did a great job we're gonna have events in the future as well but you know we were just so proud of the effort that you guys put forth and the absolute quality that was there that we just wanted to extend that that invitation to everybody who submitted and took the time to to really participate in this event I mean there's one final thing on that we did have a there was a grand winner category or in the costume contest and we're giving that to Kai Mac dick Hurtz he was there was a lot of really great stuff from him in all three categories his pets the Bison spooky face tearing thing and the Bioshock one we're all great yeah so yeah great job by Mac two curts very cool so do we have some questions from the forums we do but I have to find them okay I've been attacked by these spirits all right I've got some okay from Grand Thor will classes be gender lumped example the only females can be majors he's the answer no question Karthus will moving trade goods by ship be similar to the caravan system where it creates a zone around the ship and you have to destroy the ship to steal its cargo absolutely the intention is for it to be really similarly we want we want a lot of the stuff to mirror we don't want people to have to relearn something entirely just to do something on the ocean right an interesting question from Pitts now is the development of the game on track yeah actually I say we're better than on track on yeah we're just shrugging over truck yeah let's keep on trucking okay keep pace with that hypetrain absolutely true Nina coochi yeah sorry if I got that wrong the titles that can be earned from being a citizen are they specific to the type of note we haven't really talked in detail about this I wouldn't I wouldn't say that the titles in general are specific to the type of note however there will be so and titles that are only achievable in certain node types yes elder how much backtracking will we experience while questing running back to the same spot after every quest can be tedious to large extent we're trying to get rid of that there will be some backtracking as you return to the hub and gain more tasks but a lot of the tasks that you're going to be picking up that kind of fill your average everyday sort of gameplay experience there shouldn't be a lot of that you should be able to load it up on a bunch of stuff go out complete all that stuff and then only when all that's done and you're done adventuring come back and grab some new ones and that's part of the reason why I like we make the nodes have social building social organizations to make it feel like you're a part of a group that you're going back to unless you're going back to talk to one random absolutely yeah and another thing about the reason why backtracking seems so tedious and mmo's is because there's really nothing new being experienced when you're going back to those areas whereas in ashes of creation the world is constantly developing around you there might not be a place to go back to exactly right or that place may be so different that it doesn't feel the same you know for ch 21 there are there some spells which remove or block buffs on your enemy yes cancels they'll also be you know suppressions that kind of date chi-su stryn will there be a cheap and reward specific to those who achieve firsts on dungeon clears or world boss kills the answer that is yes yeah we want to reward people we want people to know who you are sure when you do these kinds of really amazing things and especially when you're the first it's such an important part of the development of that world that we have those first time rich history that's alright also very cool well hey guys we hope that you enjoyed our halloween stream today we thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you guys as a community were capable of bringing to the table with your creativeness and your skill and just your artistic ability it was it was truly phenomenal to see we were really really pleased with that and we hope you guys enjoyed taking a look at our prod for alpha0 the environment the world is coming along greatly we're really excited about getting players in there and taking a look at this this first test of Ash's generally yeah so really thanks guys have an awesome time tonight don't you 3d he lots of candy we will see you on our next you