Spire Of Illusion

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Alpha-1 screenshot. Image credit: Guild:Overlord
Alpha-1 screenshot. Image credit: Guild:Overlord

Spire Of Illusion is a Staff in Ashes of Creation.

Type Staff
Rarity Epic
Level requirement 15
Source Crafted items

Look through the cracks in your reality and behold the grand illusion. Are you sure what side of the glass you are on?[1]


Primary attributes
Mentality +3.00
Wisdom +3.00
Max Mana +925.00
Magical Casting Speed +13.00%
Additional stats
Will +3.00
Magical Attack Damage +30.00%
Magical Critical Damage +3.00%
Magical Disable Chance +12.00%
Magical Critical Rate +10.00%



Component Qty
Spire of Illusion Schematic 1
Wrought Iron 4
Silver Ingot 2
Hard Wood 14
Gold Ingot 2
Mithril Ingot 3
Enchanted Grinding Stone 4

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