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Sergeant Landry is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]

[He's] like an easter egg throwback to the original.[2]Sarah Flanagan


  • Hello.
    • [PROMPT] This is the other side, eh?
      • Thank goodness, another arrival! I need to put you to work immediately. What's your speciality?
        • [PROMPT] With my divine gifts I have the power to restore life or just as easily extinguish it. I am a cleric. (Class based) (Completes
          • Perfect. This place isn't like Sanctus, it's dangerous, and the things out there are not happy about our arrival
            • [PROMPT] What can I do to help?
              • Good luck. Take it slow and safe.
                • [PROMPT] Always. (Leave)
                • [PROMPT] No need for luck. (Leave)
            • [PROMPT] What are these "things" you're talking about? Animals?
              • It's... hard to describe. They're armor and weapons animated through some kind of magic. They're strong, and there's just so many of them.
                • [PROMPT] Alright, then what can I do to help?
                  • Push them back! We can't have them breaking the line and killing folks as they step through the portal.
                    • [PROMPT] I've got this. Don't worry. Point me in their direction, and I'll make sure they regret their existence.
                      • Head down this old road, and take a left. You can't miss 'em.
                        • [PROMPT] I'll fight for as long as I can. Be well. (Accept Quest
                    • [PROMPT] Putting my life on the line as soon as I come through. Figures.
                • [PROMPT] Sorry, but this isn't my problem (Leave)
            • [PROMPT] This isn't my problem (Leave)


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