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Private Tarston is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • BUHH!!
    • [PROMPT] It's okay! Keep your voice down. There's spiders all over the place.
      • Holy Hell! Who are you?
        • [PROMPT] I'm {Username}. Corporal Cuhlum sent me to help out with the cave surveying. Are you one of this soldiers?
          • Yeah... one of them, welcome aboard the survey team! Where the hell is Zemez? You should've ran into her by now.
            • [PROMPT] Oh... Private Tarston, I found her further up the tunnel. She's dead.
              • ...damn those beasts. I'll kill them ALL!
                • [PROMPT] I'm sorry about Zemez...
                  • ahhhh gods... I can't move anyways. It's useless. One of those skitterers got his stinger in me before I could stomp his guts out. My legs have been jelly ever since. You better get out of here while you still can, lad.
                    • [PROMPT] Oh no... What do you remember?
                      • Let's see... We entered at noon and it was quiet, but we quickly realized it was too big for us to explore alone. We were about to turn back when a pack of raptors pounced on us. They clawed at our torches and stomped them out, like they knew we couldn't see as good as them.
                        • [PROMPT] And then?
                          • We were running away in the dark, fighting them off as best we could. I lose my sword in the fray, but she was a whirlwind, striking them down as we retreated away. I was shielding her flank when all of a sudden I stumbled backwards, falling. I heard her screams fade away.Then it was lights out for me.
                            • [PROMPT] but then you ended up here?
                              • Yup. Next thing I know, I'm laying on my naked arse, getting wrapped up in a slimy silk suit by one of these freaks. I put a stop to that, found my pants too. I'll kill all these monsters for what they've done to Zemez... once I can move again.
                                • [PROMPT] Okay, well calm down for now. We need to get out of here. Here, let me carry you out.
                                  • Hah! That's a good one. You got any more jokes? Only way to get out of here is by running or fighting. And I suggest you run. Here, hold still. (applies Tarston's Haste buff)
                                    • [PROMPT] Whoa! What did you do to me?
                                      • A scouting trick I learned in the old wars. It will only last for a short time, so get to it. Oh, and leave me some food and water, unless you want to find a skeleton upon your return.
                                        • [PROMPT] Right, here you go. Stay hidden Tarston, I'll get reinforcements.
                                          • Godspeed.
                                            • [PROMPT] Farewell (Leave)
                • [PROMPT] Shhhhh!


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