Olexia Fobrasna

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Olexia Fobrasna is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • Hello there young man
    • [PROMPT] Hello, what is your purpose in this camp?
      • I am here to conduct a variety of magical experiments. At least once the rest of my supplies arrive. Can you believe the sorry state of my lab? Barely any equipment and only one of my bookshelves has been brought over so far.
        • [PROMPT] That's too bad, hopefully your things arrive soon.
        • [PROMPT] What kind of experiments?
          • It would be hard to explain to someone of your capacity. Though, hmmm, I could have use for you yet...
            • [PROMPT] Okay...
              • If you're interested, I would have someone fetch me the reagents for my analyses. That way when the rest of my equipment arrives, I can get started right away. Most newcomers are busy fighting off these simple animations but you look like someone with an adventurer's spirit
                • [PROMPT] Okay. What's the job?
                  • Ah, a businessman. Perfect. I need you to collect a number of magical ice shards.
                    • [PROMPT] Where can I find them?
                      • A few of these shards have been found by an explorer in a mountain range directly due north. Though not the mountains you see here, a fair ways further than that. I can mark your map with the estimated location based on my findings.
                        • [PROMPT] Very well, is the source of these shards known?
                          • Due to my rudimentary setup I can only tell you that they are magically formed. Be on the lookout for some enchanted phenomena or even possibly, a magical creature. Maybe a little snow bunny? Aha! Such an exciting time we are in.
                            • [PROMPT] I will begin this journey as soon as I am able. (Accepts Quest Magical Ice)
                            • [PROMPT] Perhaps another time. (Leave)
                        • [PROMPT] I will begin this journey as soon as I am able. (Accepts Quest Magical Ice)
                        • [PROMPT] Perhaps another time. (Leave)
                • [PROMPT] What's in it for me?
                • [PROMPT] I have to go. Goobye.
        • [PROMPT] Goodbye (Leave)


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