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Jon Arellano.[1]

Jon Arellano was a Senior Environment Artist at Intrepid Studios.[1]

As Sr. Environment artist with Intrepid Studios, it is my job to create beautiful and visually engaging 3D environments. It is a passion of mine to constantly push and improve, so I can find the best ways to build environments that players can immerse themselves in. I have the opportunity to work closely with industry experienced team members to build a world from the ground up. From the smallest of props to the largest of temples, I help to design, concept, model and texture assets to fill the game world. I am constantly working with our talented team to bring you the best looking environments for Ashes of Creation. Since I was a kid I always wanted to become an artist, from drawing on my notes in class to actually taking the steps and enrolling at the Art Institute of San Diego. I studied Game Art and met other strong willed artists who have aided me through my journey. This project is my dream.


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