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Jhal is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • "Hello, I am Jhal
    • [PROMPT] Hello. What is your purpose here at the portal?
      • I am one of the Order of Flame, do you know of them?
        • [PROMPT] No I am new here.
          • Our purpose is simple. We aim to purge the evil out of this land, protect the lives of the innocents, and preserve our holy sites
            • [PROMPT] That sounds like a noble goal. Is there anything you need help with?
              • Yes we have multiple camps out in the world. I can mark on your map the locations for two that need additional help.
                • [PROMPT] Very well (Accept Quest
                • I can't right now. (Reject Quest for now)
        • [PROMPT]Yes I have heard of them. Is there anything you need help with?


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