Honoring Ancestors

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Honoring Ancestors is a quest in Ashes of Creation.[1]

Recommended level 3
Start location Alpha-1 starting area
Quest giver Attendant Wynden
XP reward 3,000
Steps 3

Step 1

Head to the Dünzenkell Crypt entrance

Step 2

Kill 10 Shifting Coin Bandits

Step 3

Return to Captain Quinn


  • Any updates for me?
    • [PROMPT] Took care of the bandits for you. (Complete Quest)
      • I'm impressed. I hope they weren't too much trouble.
        • [PROMPT] None at all.
        • [PROMPT] They were formidable, but ultimately, no match.
    • [PROMPT] None yet. (Leave)

Quest rewards

- None -

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