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Every major piece of information in Ashes of Creation Wiki should reference the official Intrepid Studios source where the information was obtained. This is most likely a video or livestream or a quote from a "yellow" Intrepid staff member on the official Discord.

  • Please don't source info from non-official sources. The information provided may be based on interpretation or opinion.
    • Official citations are generally not required in the Help, Definition, and Community namespaces.
  • Unless you are creating a verbatim transcript or quotation, please don't transcribe exactly what was spoken or written. The language used in this wiki should be neutral and in accordance with the style guidelines.
  • It is fine to cite reputable news sources from within articles, so long as the articles themselves aren't news pieces. A wiki should be an encyclopedia rather than a newspaper.
  • A citation should immediately follow the text to which it applies, including any punctuation.
  • When using citations, place the following at the end of the article in question. Citations used in the article will appear in this section.
== References ==


Citing livestreams, videos, interviews and podcasts

  • {{livestream|2018-01-22|1h22m33|YOUTUBID}} is short for
    <ref name="livestream-2018-01-22-1:22:33">[ Livestream, January 22, 2018 (1:22:33).]</ref>
  • {{video|2018-01-22|1h22m33|YOUTUBID}} is short for
    <ref name="video-2018-01-22-1:22:33">[ Video, January 22, 2018 (1:22:33).]</ref>
  • {{podcast|2018-01-22|1h22m33|YOUTUBID}} is short for
    <ref name="podcast-2018-01-22-1:22:33">[ Podcast, January 22, 2018 (1:22:33).]</ref>
  • {{interview|2018-01-22|1h22m33|YOUTUBID}} is short for
    <ref name="interview-2018-01-22-1:22:33">[ Interview, January 22, 2018 (1:22:33).]</ref>


Leaders of [[Guilds|guilds]] that occupy [[Guild castles|guild castles]] are referred to as [[Kings and Queens]].{{livestream|2017-05-26|37m17|JtG9mB2bREI}}

Citing quotes from images

Use the {{quote}} template to capture screenshot quotes, such as "Steven quotes" from the official Discord.

  1. Upload the screenshot. For example: yourfilename.png
  2. Place the following in the article.
  3. Add an optional parameter, for example a hyperlink: link=URL


[[Leveling]] won't follow a traditional linear path, although classic mechanics for leveling exist.{{quote|leveling.png|link=}}

Citing quotes from web pages

Use the {{web}} template to capture external website references, such as links to Ashes staff being interviewed on other sites.



Encompassing each [[Servers|server]] are carefully placed points of development called [[Nodes]].{{web||A reactive world - Nodes.}}

General citations

Use <ref> (ref tags) to create footnote citations.

  • The markup <ref> Citation text </ref> produces a footnote with the citation text.


Receive an invitation to tour [[Intrepid Studios]].<ref name="1star">Travel and lodging not included.</ref>

Rules, conventions and formatting

Before you create articles in Ashes of Creation Wiki, we ask you to please read our style guidelines. Using the correct formatting and layout will make the wiki easier to understand and to maintain for everyone.

  • Please avoid using forward slashes in titles. For example: Use Day and night cycle rather than Day/night cycle.

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