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Helmets (Helms, Head pieces, Hoods) are a type of Armor in Ashes of Creation.[3]

  • Helmet display can be toggled on and off.[3]
    • All head slot items whether part of a complete costume or individual gear, will have the option to be shown or hidden on the character by the player.[4][5]
    • Hair will likely be masked if helmet display is toggled on.[6]
  • There will be capes (cloaks) with hoods.[7]

List of helmets

Item Icon Source Rarity Level requirement Set
Cloth Hood of Dark Fortunes EpicClothHelmIcon.png Crafted items Epic 15 Dark Fortunes
Transcendent Plate Helm PlateHelmIcon.png Crafted items Legendary 15 Transcendent
Worn Plate Helmet 3a274f3a-6471-4c38-8949-6dd5d5a2d376-0.png Vendor Common 1 Worn

Helmet cosmetics

Gear slots

There are 16 gear slots in Ashes of Creation:[9]


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