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The developers are considering a number of leadership tools for guilds:[1][2][3]

The idea behind guild permissions for freeholds, is that within guilds there will be micro-structures of battallions etc. If we end up allowing guild permissions for freeholds it will likely only apply to the other members within the guild's micro-structure.[6]Steven Sharif
For me personally, being a guild leader of a very large guild in the past, these types of administrative functions are life savers for guild leaders... Guild leaders are a very important part of the community for MMORPGs in general and the reason for that is- think of it like a queen on the board- "I bring order to chaos". To a degree, guild leaders are that order to the chaos. They help organize- they do so through lieutenants- they delegate responsibilities. There are good leaders, there are bad leaders, but essentially it's a highly social environment and if you can find a good guild and that guild is augmented with complimentary services from the company, from the game itself, it just makes that life easier and allows them to execute better. So in my opinion that is an important aspect.[4]Steven Sharif

Guild formation

There are prerequisites for guild formation.[9]

Players may be able to form guilds in starting areas if minimum requirements are met.[10]

Guild names may be up to 30-32 characters in length.[11]

Guild membership

A character may only be a member of a single guild.[12]

  • Alts on the same account can join different guilds.[12]
    • Intrigue, espionage and intelligence gathering is a legitimate aspect of the game.[12]
  • A guild may only have a single guild leader.[13]
    • Transfer of guild leadership is possible, but mechanics on transferring leadership if a guild leader has abandoned the guild have not been finalized.[14]
  • Guild masters can issue payouts to guild members.[15]

Guild invites

Characters may be invited to join a guild from anywhere on Verra.[16]

Server reservations

Server reservations allow guild members as well as unaffiliated players to reserve character slots on a server starting in the Beta testing stages of the game.[17]

This would likely be utilized more so by guilds than that would be solo or unaffiliated players; and I believe that the solo player they may have friends that they want to play with. That's fine, they can also still with those friends do the reservation system, but the player who is just joining the game fresh and doesn't have a community that they're part of, I don't think they really mind in that regard and will not utilize that system.[17]Steven Sharif

Guild benefits

Guild benefits that are being considered by the developers:[2]

Guild progression

Guild perks UI. Alpha-1 screenshot. Image credit: Guild:Overlord

As you're leveling up the guild and you're getting these points to either allocate towards expanding the guilds member count or allocate towards adding certain passive abilities that your guild members can gain by being guild members. You're also going to see as you're leveling up the guild through different type of quest-based, participation-based, node-based, organization-based systems and ways that those quests hook into the world. You're also going to see perhaps some augment abilities at the upper tiers of the guild levels become unlocked for certain members that have a classification of officer or knight, will have access to those different types of augment abilities that might get unlocked should you go down the non expansive member lane; and the idea there is to offer these benefits to smaller groups.[20]Steven Sharif

Guild progression occurs through participation in different systems.[20]

Guild progression grants skill points that the guild can allocate to unlock aspects of their skill tree, such as passive skills, augments and membership count.[20][22][23]

  • Passive abilities increase certain stats relating to a guild member's ability to perform in combat or in other aspects of the guild, such as the economy.[20]
  • Augments may apply at the upper tiers of guild progression.[20]
    • This applies to guilds that have opted for the non-expansive member route.[20]
    • It benefits guild members with a classification of officer or knight.[20]
  • Guild members do not need to be citizens of the same node in order to benefit from passive skills and augments.[24]
  • Guild size can be traded off for guild progression.[20][25]
    • The higher the guild's member cap, the fewer available skill options will be available to that guild.[26]
    • Guild alliances may be a key part in creating a larger "guild".[25]
  • Guild halls can be unlocked at a certain stage of guild advancement.[22]
  • Guilds cannot respec their skill points once allocated. This is subject to testing.[27]
It's not always going to be combat. You could have an economic focus guild. You could have a trade oriented guild; and there's all sorts of things that you can put together and give your guild its own identity.[20]Jeffrey Bard

Guild size

Guild size of 300 is currently the maximum cap that can be attained by leveling the guild and selecting the path of size as opposed to the path of guild skills.[26]

What we're trying to create is an environment where there's a duality between guilds that try to go towards population and then guilds that choose to forego population in exchange for a deeper access to passive skills that the players have access to. Will the meta be for many smaller guilds to co-locate with each other? Yes, I'm sure that will be utilized by some number of smaller guilds in order to try to combat the numbers that other guilds might have access to. I don't think that that's a bad thing. I don't necessarily know if that's a meta either, because it's going to be beneficial for larger guilds to be allied with smaller guilds that might have access to those passive abilities that they don't have access to. So, what I think the meta will actually be is probably a mixture of large guild and small guilds that exist within the alliances so that they can overcome the types of challenges that occur in objective-based gameplay for events, where you need the smaller guild with the passives to overcome the challenge rating, but you also need the numbers from the larger guilds in order to engage with the opponent at the choke points.[28]Steven Sharif
Q: What’s the minimum guild size to really have a meaningful impact on the realm?
A: This is a tough question to answer. Single individuals can have a large impact on the realm without guild support, in the form of mayorships, Artisanship, economic opportunities, etc. We’re also balancing guilds through guild levels, where guilds must choose between size and effectiveness - smaller guilds will have an opportunity to get a leg up through abilities that larger guilds can’t afford to take. At the end of the day, having clear goals and organizational structure will likely matter more than raw numbers.[30]Sarah Flanagan

There are mechanics that are geared towards larger and smaller guilds.[25]

  • Larger guilds can siege fortresses.[25]
    • Larger guilds won’t have access to power boosting guild ability slots.[25]
  • Small groups can do some things better than larger groups.[25]
    • Sieges will have things that smaller groups have an advantage in.[25]
It's important to note that the 300 is the maximum cap that is attained by leveling the guild and selecting the path of size as opposed to the path of guild skills. So the larger you choose to allow for members to join your guild, increasing that member cap, the less focused and honed the available skill options will be from a guild level up perspective for guild members. So the way that works is it plays as a balance/counterbalance to larger guilds versus smaller more honed and focused guilds. It gives them an equitable edge of participation.[26]Steven Sharif
If you have more objective-based combat that revolves around high mobility and agility strong focus, organization I would expect the smaller guild to outperform the larger guild with regards to that. If you're speaking purely a numbers game and they're meeting on the field then I would expect the larger guild to perform in that. The balance comes in our play scenarios. Do we offer solely a field based combat system where you show up with the numbers you have in which case you lean heavily towards zergs or do you implement designs that feature both components of objective based combat that involves organizational rule as opposed to just having that field presence; and we intend to offer both.[26]Steven Sharif
There are absolutely guilds out there that have a large following and good organizational leadership and can structure their raids well; and I think those will be the most performing in the game obviously; and that's where then guild sizes come to play creating the opportunity for division in the game to allow for this subterfuge to play a role and politics and stuff like that. But our focus is making a place for smaller guilds to be competitive with larger guilds as well.[31]Steven Sharif

Gear enhancements

Gear enhancements are possible both during and after an item is crafted.[32][33]

There is a combination of systems that take an item to its max potential. Players will need to contribute in a certain number of these systems to reach max. Some of the systems are an either/or situation.[32]Kory Rice
The contribution of materials to crafting an item results in advancing the rarity of that item. Now, that doesn't exclude players who don't have the legendary or the higher quality contributed resources from progressing their common item up the rarity tree through enchantments such as scroll enchanting or through tempering the gear. Both of those can affect the quality and the rarity of the gear that you produce, but by contributing the resources during the crafting process you are getting a head start with the higher quality item and now are less dependent on those other avenues to achieve that, which might be again a different vertical space of progression that you don't have as good of access to.[33]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.

Guild housing

The term "guild housing" refers to guild buildings and not guild owned player housing.[42]

Guild halls

Summer guildhall appearance cosmetic concept art.[43]

Guildhalls are the ultimate expression of a guild's power! In Ashes these structures will serve as focal points for a guild, offering any guilds who construct them a whole host of benefits as well as customization options.[44]

Guild halls serve as a focal point for a guild, offering a host of benefits and customization options.[44]

  • When a guild reaches a certain level, its guild master is granted a certificate to enable placement of a guild hall.[45]
  • Guild halls may be placed within Baronies within the ZOI of a node.[46]
    • A barony can only have a single guild hall.[46]
    • The number of baronies that can have an active guild hall is determined by the node's stage.[47][48]
Only a limited subset of the guild halls available around the node are available concurrently... So you might only have two that might be available at fifth level and then three at sixth level of a node; and the guilds have an opportunity to select from the six available which three are going to be active.[47]Steven Sharif
  • Patron guilds may also place their guild hall within (the footprint of) their patron node. These guild halls have different perks and benefits to halls placed within Baronies.[49][45][50][49]
    • Patron guild halls placed within Baronies may have the ability to confer benefits to surrounding estates within that node by speccing into passives in their guild skill tree and carrying out a lengthy quest line.[51]
  • The design of guild-halls is currently subject to active iteration by the developers.[52]
info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.

Guild freeholds

info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.

Guild castles

Guild castle Alpha-1 early preview.[56]

With five Castles in the world, and each having been owned by different civilizations from the far-flung past of Verra, you can expect that each Castle has its own character. Different terrains and different layouts will result in each Castle having its own advantages and disadvantages. Just because you have managed to take one Castle will not mean that your strategies will pan out in the next. Commanders will have to take into consideration the lay of the land, time of day, weather, and even seasons into account when forming their battle plans.[57]

Sword 01 - with logos.png

Five guild castles exist in Ashes of Creation.[58][57][59]

While the hard structural environment is static and not able to be- you're not building a castle if you own a castle, you're inheriting a historic ruined castle that is representative of the past because it has some tie-in to specific types of powers that we haven't gotten into from a lore perspective yet but we haven't expressed to the community. That's something that we're going to leave for the community to find out when they play. But when you place mercenaries and you place those blockades and you place those traps, that affects the level design of the castle according to the strategy you might use to defend it.[58]Steven Sharif
These Castles are occupied when players arrive on Verra, and their current inhabitants will have to be removed before any player can claim them. Castles will be dangerous and high-level raid zones until they can be cleared, and the first group of players to do so will gain the Castle as their reward.[57]

Guild fortresses

info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.

Guild fortresses are siegable guild halls within Ashes of Creation. These are different from nodes and castles.[54]

  • Guild fortresses are objectives in guild wars.[53] These are contested on a regular basis.[45]
  • The developers will decide if guild fortresses will be implemented in the game or shelved.[45]
The fortress design is also something that might be on the shelf. We haven't decided yet. We're going to look into it, but the idea behind the fortress is that this is a competitive guild hall so to speak where you have to contend for it on a regular basis so to speak; or can be taken from you necessarily. Whereas the guild hall is a structure similar to freehold structure can only be taken through successful sieges against a node per-se are not taken but destroyed.[45]Steven Sharif

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