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Eswyn is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • Hello there, traveller.
    • [PROMPT] Hello. Who are you?
      • You can call me Eswyn
        • [PROMPT] Have you seen two soldiers come through here?
          • No, I can't say I have. I've only just arrived a few hours ago.
            • [PROMPT] Okay, well I'm going to go explore this cave.
              • I see that. Before you go, would you collect some flowers for me while you're in there? It's perfectly safe for you. To pick them, that is. The cave itself is quite dangerous.
                • [PROMPT] What do you mean by "perfectly safe for me?"
                • [PROMPT] There're flowers in there?
                • [PROMPT] How is the cave dangerous?
                  • All manner of wild beasts next within. You should be careful and quiet if you can.
                    • [PROMPT] Very well, thanks for the warning.
                      • So will you pick a few flowers for me while you're in there? I will pay you handsomely for them.
                        • [PROMPT] Why can't you pick them?
                          • Oh, it's too much treacherous for someone like me. I am but a humble healer, not an adventurer like you.
                            • [PROMPT] Okay, I will gather some for you. What's in it for me?
                            • [PROMPT] Why does it matter if I've picked any before though?
                              • Well.. the flowers, nightbloom that is, emit a slight allergen. You shouldn't pick too many.
                                • [PROMPT] ...What happens if I pick too many?
                                  • Just pick five.
                                    • [PROMPT] Okay, fine, whatever.
                                    • [PROMPT] I know you're not telling me something about these flowers.
                                      • Okay fine. Nightbloom are covered in very, very fine spines and also emit indetectable spores both of which serve to distribute a faint allergen. Slight doses are harmless, but after a certain exposure it will provoke a... reaction.
                                        • [PROMPT] What kind of reaction are we talkin' here?
                                          • The reaction curdles the blood, it will surely kill you. As I said, only pick five, and no more. You'll be perfectly fine. Just wait a year or so before returning so the pois— allergen will fully clear from your blood... Anything else?
                                            • [PROMPT] Okay... five it is. What do they look like?
                                            • [PROMPT] What do you need these flowers for anyways.
                                              • It's for my herbal remedies. Like I said, I'm a healer from the town.
                                                • [PROMPT] Okay, I'm going in.
                                                • [PROMPT] How is it even used for healing?
                                                  • Well its fairly complicated, it must be boiled and a few other steps to make it a very excellent.. sleeping aid. Can you do this for me or not?
                                                    • [PROMPT] Okay... I'll go get you these flowers... Whoever you are. (Accepts Quest Gather Nightbloon)
                                                    • [PROMPT] I won't help you.
                                            • [PROMPT] Okay, I'm going in.
                        • [PROMPT] No, sorry. (Leave)
                • [PROMPT] No, sorry.
        • [PROMPT] Okay, well I'm going to go explore this cave. (Leave)


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