Cone of Cold

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Alpha-2 Cone of Cold ability. VFX by John Kent.[1]

Ice spells have a tendency to be complicated this is another one. So this is a cone spell. I mean, it's pretty simple in that regard: like you hit enemies in front of you, you apply what is a one of our elemental status effects called chilled does as you would probably expect it slows the Target and it can stack for an increasing amount of slow per stack you put on them. But, you might notice that there are some little crystals that it leaves on the ground there; and each one of those is a proximity ice mine that if someone steps on it will explode and apply additional stacks and damage. So, it's really good at creating area denial between your opponent and yourself; and if you force them through it then you can count on being able to escalate your status effects a little quicker.[1]Tradd Thompson

Cone of Ice.png

Alpha-2 Mage skill:

Base skill
Blasts a cone of cold in front of the caster, dealing ice damage and applying a stack of Chilled to each enemy hit. The blast also leaves behind a field of ice mines that explode on proximity contact, causing ice damage and 1 Chilled stack to nearby enemies when triggered.[3][2][1]

Elemental empowerment

Skill Icon Base skill
Elemental Empowerment Elemental Empowerment (active).png Whenever you cast an elemental spell, your weapon attacks deal additional damage of that spell's element and apply a stack of the corresponding elemental status effects to targets hit. Casting a spell of a different element switches this effect to the new element.[4][5]

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