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Cloth Leggings of Dark Fortunes

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Screenshot from Alpha-1 testing. Image credit: Saucisson

Cloth Leggings of Dark Fortunes is Leg armor in Ashes of Creation.


Type Pants
Rarity Epic
Level requirement 15
Source Crafted items
Gear set Dark Fortunes

A pair of mastercrafted cloth leggings.[1]


Core Stats
Mentality +3.00
Additional Stats
Physical Defense Mitigation +2.00%
Max Health +55.00
Magical Disable Defense +5.00%



Component : Quantity
Cloth Leggings of Dark Fortunes Schematic 1
Simple Dye 4
Fish Scale 4
Fish Bones 6
Mordant Dye 8
Extraordinary Dye 8
Enchanted Silk 10

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