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Characters will have a first-name and an optional surname (family name).[1]

  • There is a minimum length of three for a character name.[2]

Character names will appear on the character sheet and optionally on the character website page.[3]

  • In-game a character's name is displayed above their head. This can be the first or last name.[3]

Character page

A character web page (character sheet) will be available closer to live launch that shows the following:[4]

  • What a character looks like.[4]
  • Achievements and server firsts.[4]
  • Info on a player's class.[4]
  • Character's back story via journal entries (that are shared publicly by the player).[5][6]
  • Traits can be applied that describe a character's history.[6]

You will have a unique homepage for each character and that homepage will be able to be customized by the user to display unique information. It will have a small out-of-game RPG component where you can construct background and traits and stuff like that.[6]Steven Sharif

The character page will be accessible in game by opening a browser through the UI.[5]

That's part of the character sheet desire for us which hopefully will be accessible in game as well by opening a browser through our UI where you can get back history of a character that that character has input themselves into journal entries that they may choose to share with others... For role play perspective we want people to be in depth with their characters.[5]Steven Sharif

The player can manage what info is shown on the character page.[4]

Character creator

Alpha-1 launcher/character selection.[7]

The character creator (or character customization screen) allows players to define the look of their character in Ashes of Creation.[9]

We're gonna have a wide array of character customization.[10]Steven Sharif

The goal is to have a character creator that is on par with if not much better than what BDO provided.[11]

If I had to give a comparison, I would use BDO as an example of what our Character Creation is going for.[12]Steven Sharif

A character's voice may be able to be selected from preset options.[13]

There is a chance that the character creator will be released early.[11][14]

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