Celebrants of the Rose

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Celebrants of the Rose was a costume cosmetic skin in a pre-order pack.[1]

For many Kaelar nobility, an event where two become one is an occasion met with massive fanfare, and balls are a very popular choice of celebration. Of course, the nobles in question aren’t one to come to the festivities unprepared. While many Kaelar merchants opt for more humble wedding attire, this panoply is anything but. To this end, an intricately embroidered raiment of vibrant pink and red, adorned with a white floral shawl and copious gems, has been commissioned. A plumed hat, a mask, and a gemstone scepter* accentuate the ensemble. With a lovely night of dance, the pair heralds the advent of a brighter life together.[1]

Bundled in

Cosmetic store

Ashes of Creation cosmetic store.[2]

There is going to be legendary cosmetics that can be earned and achieved in the game through the game systems, but that's going to take a significant amount of effort and work; and those cosmetics are going to be on-par with the cosmetics offered in the marketplace... What that does is it provides additional revenue to the company so that we can continue to fund the development of content as well and bridge the divide that not having a box cost would have and not having any pay-to-win mechanics whatsoever.[3]Steven Sharif

The Cosmetic store enables players to purchase Cosmetics for use in Ashes of Creation.[4] The cosmetic store offers limited time, limited quantity items to help sustain game development.[5]

  • Equitable cosmetics, both from a quantity and quality standpoint, are achievable through in-game means.[5]
  • Nothing in the cosmetic store will be pay to win.[6]

I want to incentivize purchase in the cosmetic shop for sustainability of what expansions we have intended, since we are not a box cost. I want to incentivize purchase by offering limited items: limited time, limited quantity, so you have confidence that when you purchase them, they won't be offered later on in some other way.[5]Steven Sharif

Pets, Mounts, Costumes, Armor, Buildings and Accessories sold in the cosmetic store are skins.[7]

We plan to include a shop for micro transactions. The shop will only include cosmetic items. Nothing in our shop will ever be pay to win as we believe this practice greatly hurts the MMORPG genre.[6]

All cosmetic store items will be non-tradeable.[14] There will be no gifting mechanism for cosmetic items.[15]

I don't want cosmetic items that can be purchased from the market to be transferable... because it is in a way a transfer of money for potentially something in-game.[15]Steven Sharif

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