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Captain Quinn is a NPC quest giver in Ashes of Creation.[1]


  • If you're looking to do some good around here, I'm looking for capable people. Willing to pay more if you're a mage.
    • [PROMPT] I'm no mage, but I can help. What do you need? (Class based)
      • Someone brave enough to deal with some ruffians that've moved into the crypt on the mountain just north of here
        • [PROMPT] Bandits? Already?
          • Yeah. The problem with the inconsistencies of what factions use the portal for what purpose means that we've had some dangerous and desperate people come through. In recent months, we've seen more and more instances of banditry. A small group has moved in on the ruins with a few mages. No idea what they want, but they've kept people away.
            • [PROMPT] I'll clear them out. (Accept Quest
              • Good luck. Take it slow and safe.
                • Always.
                • No need for luck.
            • I'd rather not get involved. (Leave)
        • [PROMPT] I'm not a guard. I'd rather not get involved. (Leave)
    • [PROMPT] I haven't the time at the moment (Leave)


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